The Illusion's Apocalypse

by The Practical Madman aka Laurent J. Noel



     The definition of the word "apocalypse" directly from the Greek is "a disclosure of knowledge; a lifting of the veil."  What I intend to do in this work is to illustrate how what is perceived by the common person is an illusion. What all we are taught and we see in the common education system and "media," is a fraud, an illusion.  I propose to reveal the true reality and disclose the true knowledge that has been hidden.  I intend to "lift the veil" and expose the illusion for what it is - hence the title of this work, "The Illusion's Apocalypse."

      This work has been in the making for well over a year after eight years of intensive study and research, and has gone through many title revisions. The first title I was working with was "A Re-Visionist's History: Re-Vision: to view again from a different angle with a different light," but that was a little daunting, gangly, and unrefined.  The next working title I had was "HERstory: Historical Error Re-Visions," because this is in effect a reflection of the known and commonly accepted  history, and the other side of the coin of HERstory.  That title too was very daunting and an awkward play on words that did not quite work.

     During my extensive study, I stumbled upon the Trivium. The Trivium - Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric - is a method of critical analysis.  Mankind is suffering from a dire lack of this critical skill, and the Trivium is just what the doctor ordered.  I studied the Trivium, and this book is the application of the Trivium for a critical analysis of history. 

     This work is a rhetorical analysis of our common quagmire, the Thesis of which is "common historical knowledge," so playing on the construction of the word history and developing the Antithesis, I came up with "HERstory = un-common historical knowledge."  This work is an attempt at the Synthesis for the real story of humanity and reality.  Every story needs a main character, so this story is about "HER" (an acronym for Historical Error Re-Vision.)   For the purpose of this work I created a "being" to describe the sum of the collective and organized manipulations of mankind, and I called it "Her" (She, Her, will used as a tense sensitive form throughout this work.)  "She" could also be termed "The Matrix." 

      It would seem that there was a long developed "Plan" to enslave humanity, and that the "Plan" has taken on a life of its own, and has existed for many generations.  In casual conversations with friends I call it "The Monster."  In this work I call it "Her."  I mean no reference to females on any level.  Ships, planes, cars, and many modes of moving people and cargo are referred to as "She" and "Her" and are generally given feminine names.  Since this work is intended to be  a "mode of transportation" to move your point of view to think in new terms and to re-visualize reality under a new light from a new direction, a feminine persona would apply.

     She is "THEIR" manipulations of humanity's collective feminine mind in a masculine dominated thought process.  You know, "THEY/THEM," those powerful people behind the curtain.  It is time for Toto to pull back the curtain and for us to lift the veil, and reveal the manipulators and the hidden knowledge, and that is the purpose of this work.  "THEY/THEM" are those that are only spoken of in whispers; the self declared "owners" of humanity.  She is the war that has been silently declared by THEM on the Sacred Feminine Natural Law.  She is the war that has silently been declared by THEM on THEIR greatest foes: truth, compassion, love, empathy, nurturing - for these are the antithesis of THEIR control because these create real tangible wealth for all.  THEY are Her.  Her goal is all wealth and power for Herself.

     This is just a story - a HERstory book, just like any commonly known history is a story we have been taught in history books to align our perceptions in a certain way.  Belief in what is written here is a personal decision, but none the less required for this story to be considered Truth, just like the history books you were required to read and memorize in school.  I only propose to define, then to offer a solution to, our collective problems and to enable us to acquire, once and for all, freedom for all.  That solution is Personal Responsibility to define Truth for yourself.  I do not hold this work to be infallible nor the ultimate Truth, this is only a story. This is my explanation for Truth compiled by my own Personal Responsibility to define such for myself as the summation of extensive study on my part, offered in this form for your use/entertainment/folly - what ever this work is worth to you.  It is a personal decision. 

     This is the One Great Work: Truth + Love = Freedom.  We all have a personal responsibility to attempt to balance Truth and Love, for that is the only way that Freedom is attainable.  If we allow others to define Truth for us, and we ignore Love across the board, then Freedom will remain stuck in a quagmire of an Illusion.  This is intended to be The Illusion's Apocalypse.

     I have never written a book before and have no degrees of indoctrination for general "credibility," so publishing this work will be an uphill battle.  I have chosen to self publish it and have devised my own game plan for this goal.  I have chosen to put the first two chapters on the internet for anyone to read for free.  This is the information on the Trivium and that knowledge is not mine to profit from and is the summation of humanity's answer for freedom of Knowledge, so it must be shared freely.  My greatest fear is that the evolution of this human revolution is successful and we free ourselves from the bondage that we are under, but without Knowledge, we can be tricked again and fall under another form of a tyranny. I think that the famous rock band  "The Who" was wrong, and that we WILL get fooled again ... unless we wake up .... study critical analysis thought processes .... and really apply them --- THEN  "We won't be fooled again."

      History shows that revolutions usually just transfer power to another group and the people usually do not benefit and usually end up in worse shape. Look at the Chinese revolution under Mao, and the Cuban revolution under Castro for just two examples. We need an evolution of revolution and that is only released through an uplifting of humanity's common Knowledge.  Non-violent and peaceful non-compliance is the answer, but we need to be secure in our Knowledge to accomplish that goal, and the Trivium will provide that release.  The rest of the book is my knowledge and is worth reading, if for nothing else than food for thought (yours,) and also contains information that humanity should possess and individually process.  If you desire to read the rest of the book, please contact me and inquire of the availability.  I will have copies vanity printed as demanded, but this is an expensive process because the finished work is about 300+ pages, and a certain minimum will have to be pre-sold to follow through.  I can also print the book in PDF format and burn it to a disc, or put it on a thumb drive that can be mailed to you. 

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Written and published by Laurent J. Noel