The Illusion's Apocalypse

by The Practical Madman aka Laurent J. Noel

Chapter 2

The Goal

"Read not to contradict and confute,
nor to believe and take for granted,
nor to find fault and discourse;
but to weigh and consider."
Francis Bacon

     I am on a mission of "learning."  This mission will never stop till my mind ceases.  This is my Practical Madman affliction that I was born with.  This is who I am.  This is an innate impulse that I cannot turn off.  I could have taken the easy way out (just "played the game") and believed all that I was taught and used my exceptional memory to absorb and then regurgitate upon demand, all of the  facts that others had fed me ... blindly ... and the "SYSTEM" would have rewarded me for my "brilliance."  But that is not who I am.  I am a Madman that sees things in a different light - and from a different angle - (MINE) and I always have.  I will always question "authority."

     My first awakening came at a very early age when I learned that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny were hoaxes (though I did question the stories the first time I heard them) perpetuated to keep the children within behavioral parameters.  To learn that the people I trusted most, my parents, had lied to me from the start in order to manipulate me, and then seeing all of the pomp and ceremony that was "religion," convinced me at an early age that everything I was told was to be questioned.  Since my first reaction to the stories of Santa and the Bunny were proven to be accurate, this taught me to rely on my gut instincts.  If you could not believe your parents and your teachers, then you were on unstable footing from the start, and it was all PURPOSELY installed and programmed against you!

     I have always been the type that marched to a different drummer.  At an early age I came to the personal conclusion that school was mostly lies, and I wanted to have as little exposure to it as possible. Seven of my first nine years in the "education system" was at Catholic Schools, and let's just say I was known for not just accepting what was taught as "gospel" and I questioned vocally.  I was soon "educated" in the fact that it was not nice to question.

     Wait ... everything you told me to this point is pretty much all lies, and now you want me to believe you when you tell me this book has all of the answers? (and that I was not "qualified" to read it because I had not attended Seminary?)  I was born with this terrible "sin" on my soul before I ever drew a breath and that this Jesus guy did all of this for me long before I was ever a twinkle in my father's father's father's eyes?  That I was born with this horrible sin on my soul that I did not commit and am vicariously sentenced to hell to burn for eternity for this "sin" I did not commit?  All I have to do is to believe in this story that I am not able to read, but you have so conveniently translated for me, unquestionably, and all will be fine, or otherwise I will burn in fire forever for questioning?  What about those stories of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny that you told me? That brings a question to mind.....

"Fool me once, shame on you .... fool me twice shame on me...(?)"


     I absorbed what I needed to so that I could function in that world.  I did the minimum needed to keep everyone involved off my back, and I tried to keep my head down.  I am above average intelligence ("average" has been lowered so much that this is not a claim of wisdom or exceptionalisim, just of an exceptional memory - not photographic, not infallable, but above average) and I had my own innate intelligence that I just had to follow from the beginning.  I do not hear a voice per say, but my own name for this innate inner wisdom was "my little voice."  This was the little nagging thought that continually asked me "Do you really believe that?" and is the splinter in my mind that cannot be ignored, and always made me question others' motives.

     "Awakening" can be a painful and upsetting experience.  As I stated, at an early age I had made the personal decision that most of what was being taught was pure fantasy.  I had made the personal decision to remain steadfast in being "honest," but none the less to "live large" and party hard and work hard, but to keep my head down so as to not draw attention, and to avoid "indoctrination" on every level that was within my control.  This made relating to the "literate" world a stranger.  When I "awoke" about eight years ago, it was a jolting and painful experience.  I had always had an "aversion to reading" as Dorothy Sayers alluded to at the beginning of Chapter 1, basically because I did not trust the "system" for it had lied to me from the beginning, and I also had the disability of a slight case of dyslexia (and I still do ... thank "god" for personal computers and spell check or I would have never been able to get through the writing of this work) and the combination of the two gave me a grave distaste for reading books.  This has been an affliction that caused me considerable extra work once I "woke up" because I was behind the curve and had considerable catching up to do. 

      I went through all of the seven stages of grief, with little or no "knowledge base" to reflect upon, except all of the "noise" I had retained in the form of questions from all that I had seen and heard my whole life. I had but countless videos on YouTube, and a re-learning (self teaching - autodiadactic) to suffer through the trials that was "reading" for me and to solve this problem myself. The vast array of opinions and dis-information made this all the more a daunting task.  I had to re-teach myself to read as I read countless articles and theories of the plight of humanity in other "awakened" peoples writings, and I had to create a "knowledge base" to categorize and sort all of this information, so the "seven stages of grief" hit me especially hard and took considerable work to get through. (Here again, I need to thank my wife, for putting up with all of the insanity I went through during this process and for loving a Madman.)

     The "Shock and denial" stage was relatively short for me because I was already past that stage from an early age.  The second stage of "Pain and guilt" was especially painful because I felt extreme guilt for ignoring the problem for so long and for giving into my dyslexia and aversion to reading, and for being so ignorant of the condition of the world I lived in. The third stage of "anger and bargaining" I stayed in for a while, and am not quite over yet. I was very angry with myself for making the choice to remain ignorant and asleep for so long, and I was and still am very angry at how humanity has been manipulated by so few for THEIR benefit, but the only "bargain" I would want to strike with THEM is that if THEY are so unhappy with humanity, just LEAVE!!  The fourth stage of "depression and loneliness" lasted for a while and from time to time continues to rear its ugly head. It is hard to not be depressed when you realize that you have been lied to and manipulated on such a grand scale and do not see an immediate relief from the situation.  The fifth stage of "the upward turn" came when I started "prepping" in preparation for the collapse of the world so that I could be "self sustainable" and this gave me a small sense of control over my personal destiny, and this followed through into the sixth stage of "reconstruction and working through" as I figured out what it is that humanity as a whole needs to accomplish to break the bonds and gain "True Freedom" from the chains that bind them.  The final stage of grief, "acceptance and hope" is what this work is all about.  This is my contribution to the hope that humanity can pull through these trying times and the acceptance that it is an individual personal responsibility to do the work necessary for such an outcome, and I hope I have presented the tools to do so.         

     For the record, I do believe that this is an intelligently created universe, but I cannot believe that such an intelligent being would create a race of beings and then torture them with ambiguity and lack of knowledge (there is only ONE race ... the HUMAN race ... all other divisions are political - the color of the skin is no more important or divisional than the color of the hair or eyes.)   The intelligent being that created this reality did leave breadcrumbs for us to follow to find knowledge and wisdom, and the Truth; and gave us personal discernment and a questioning mentality.  It is a personal challenge and if we succumb to ignoring our personal "little voices" and just accept all that we are told, unquestioningly, then we fail the test that is "life" ... this time around.  I will delve into this subject deeper in later chapters, but for now I just wanted to say that I believe in intelligent creation and a source of energy that gives all matter substance and animation, and that we can intelligently and intuitively add to it.

     This work is only a contrivance of a Madman that seeks to challenge you to confront, once and for all, in all your frames of reference, and some you never perceived, the collective madness of "mankind," and to seek out the origins of and solutions for this madness.

     What I will try to illustrate is that there has been a "hidden hand" in mankind's evolution and its records in "history," and that we are still under the influence of, and suffering from, this unsettling entity to this day.  This is "Her" (THEY/THEM; the hidden hand) and this is HERstory.

     What I will try to illustrate is the illusion that has been drawn upon our collective minds, and then proceed to reveal that illusion and the facts it hides. That is why this work has been titled "The Illusion's Apocalypse."  An "apocalypse" by definition is "a revelation; a lifting of the veil" and that is my full intent herein.

     History as taught is one side of the story, but we all know that every story had two sides, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  This is side two of the historical records, as seen by the Practical Madman.  It is the responsibility of every single human to seek out the second side of any story they are told and determine for themselves where the truth lies.  If you shirk this responsibility, then you are part of the problem mankind faces today.  This work is my offering of some food for thought, so gnaw away.

"There are three kinds of people:  Those that play the game;

those that control them;

and those that refuse to play."


     The "Occupy" movement of 2012 was an outcry of the people as they were waking up to this reality.  The battle cry of this movement was "We are the 99%!"  What I want to introduce to the reader is the concept that the 99% of the people are generally good, peace loving people that just want to have a happy and loving, peaceful life.  The other 1% is "THEY" that control the game, and what I want to introduce in this work is the controllers of the controllers, the 1% of the 1% ... and THEIR methods and tactics throughout history and HERstory.

     What I want to illustrate is the 0.000001%, whose names we will never know.  "THEY" are the manipulators, the "hidden hand."  I will try to show that the game THEY have created has had a very consistent strategy and methodology since day one, and that it can be pointed out and highlighted.  THEIR objective and THEIR tactics have remained unchanged for thousands of years, and THEIR footprints can be clearly followed ,... if you have the wisdom to see the tracks, the curiosity to look, and the will to expose them.

      Those three attributes combined with the accepted individual personal responsibility of fact checking and re-researching my research give you new eyes to see and a new light to shine on things.  After you have refined your wisdom and the tracks are clearly visible and readable for you, then we can begin to make this a better reality for the 99%.  You also have the freedom to think that this is just a work of fiction and entertainment, either way, I am just putting this on paper for you to decide its value.  I just want to begin conversations to redefine reality and to change humanity's current direction, and wrest control from those behind the curtain.

     There are some that claim that this "hidden hand" is Satan (the Devil) and some say it is reptilian aliens.  Some say it is the Annunaki written about by the Sumerians, and some say it is an energy bodied race called the Archons.  There are many theories of the origin of the "hidden hand" that is manipulating mankind, and there are some that have questionably translated validity of documents from ancient humans, but the one thing they all agree on is that we are being manipulated!  All of these identifiers of the problem absolve the absorber of one main duty ... PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  We all have a personal responsibility of investigation and research.  If we just accept another's interpretation of our plight and the "facts," there is no progress. I will try to prove that it is and always has been man manipulating man and we are all the source of our own problems.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Pogo by Walt Kelly

     I want to shake your reality to the core and entertain you at the same time.  Above all, I want to get you away from the day to day NOISE .... and to begin THINKING!!!!  I will not devolve into "aliens" or any other such un-provable concepts.  I will stick to things that are researchable and provable, but I will present them in a light which you have not been exposed to.  I will point out dots (footprints) you have never seen and connect them in such a way that it will challenge your "reality."

     What will follow is a summary of things I know to be facts as sorted from things the I have seen/read or been told for the sum of my life (all of the "noise" that I have been afflicted with but somehow retained.)  This noise has since been totally researched and investigated, and then incorporated into the sum of what I consider to be "Knowledge" and "Reality."  It has been offered in this format for your consideration/entertainment/enlightenment/challenge/personal gauntlet (for what it is worth in all of those areas) and I stand firm in my conclusions, and invite debate.  In essence the very definition of reality itself is human interaction and interpretation, and honest debate is the most basic interaction of all.

     Elements incorporated into the story may be called "heresy, conspiracy theories, urban legends," or "myths," and by some "complete ravings of a Madman;" but they will all be analyzed and presented herein, from a different view than you have ever perceived under a bright light to eliminate the shadows.  It is a "Re-Vision" of history.

     What will follow will be an organized progression of extremely personal musings and a personal analysis of things as they really are, compared to things as they are generally and commonly perceived ... all from the view of a Madman (one thinking outside of the "accepted norms.")  There will be many documented historical facts and connections outside of the "generally taught historical record," that with a little personal responsibility can be researched and verified. 

     My intention in this work is to turn all you know and all that you have ever accepted as truth on its head, and turn your world upside down.  My desire is to begin personal internal and eventually communal dialogues that will end the control of humanity, and set true freedom lose, and a reality that is truly sustainable and beneficial to all.  I feel the need for this drastic challenge to the commonly accepted "knowledge base" is over due, because honest analysis will certainly reveal that the current direction we are headed in is not sustainable and is the direct result of this false "knowledge base."

      The realization of this goal must come from a true grass root (singular) level, the solitary individual.  The answer lies in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the state the world is in, and for repairing it, and that cannot be done on a personal level without the tools and knowledge needed ... and the personal acceptance of the challenge to honestly re-evaluate (Re-View) all you "KNOW" ... because what you think you know is what got us to the point we are today (remember what Einstein said about solving problems.) We can then begin communal dialogues to sort things out ... or we can just wait for someone else to do it ... possibly a "savior?" ... or some "aliens?" ... or "We can fix all of this with the next election."  Maybe the world will soon come to an abrupt end and all of this musing is rendered moot.  We must realize that our current course of ignoring the fact that there is a problem is no longer sustainable.

"It does not require a majority to prevail,

but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."

Samuel Adams

     If you rely on religious dogma and ceremony combined with recited prayers, then we are to continue on the path that has been outlined for us by these very manipulative tools installed by those that have deemed it THEIR authority to guide us in this venue.  If you rely on the fantasy that there is a savior or redeemer that is going to rescue us from our tribulations that we have chosen to install and inflict upon ourselves, then you are a major cog in the machine driving us off the cliff to doom.  If you think that you can sit in a Lotus position and meditate your way out of this problem then you are part of the problem.  Remember Santa and the Easter Bunny are fictions, that much has been PROVEN.  "Ignorance" is a personal choice to ignore reality.

"The only good is knowledge

and the only evil is ignorance."


Willful ignorance in the presence of knowledge

is the measure of a BAD PERSON."

Mark Passio

"If you make the personal choice to use the tools and knowledge

installed in you by others, and accepted blindly,

then you are working for "THEM,"

and you are part of the problem.

The Practical Madman (TPM)

     Mankind is in a real bind, and our collective "reality" does not seem that bright, and is in fact quite dark at present, but our collective problems are not unsolvable.  It is time to take stock in all you "know" ... and reanalyze it.  Take personal responsibility for your knowledge and what YOU accept and define as reality.  I have shown you the tools you need and already possess to set your mind, yourself, and humanity free ... the Trivium.  Are you up to the challenge to sharpen and apply these newly discovered tools?

"A ship in harbor is safe -- but that is not what ships are for."

John A. Shedd

     It is time to take your ship out of safe harbor, and to challenge the high tide, and to change the horizon.  It is time to seek out new directions, and to map a new course.  It is time to stop "going with the flow" and believing everything that comes from "experts."

     I will also state again, for the record, that I am not an atheist.  I do believe in a Creator, for in my opinion this is an intelligently created universe, and not just random elements and chemicals mixing to create all we see through our very limited 5 senses.  I do not believe in "Organized Religion" for that is another's opinion and "facts" presented and accepted blindly "on faith" and unquestioned (un-analyzed) and to allow another to define your "reality."  Analysis is heresy.

     I believe we are here for an experience, and what we experience is subjective.  We can control that experience by the way we personally perceive and define it.  Don't get me wrong, this is NOT moral relativism, but rather relative subjective perspective.  Our collective personal definitions define the whole of reality for all of us.  If we are, in the majority, "wandering in the woods" and never notice the trees, then so shall it be.  If we are taught to see things in a certain way, then our experience is subjected to others' views and not our own.  Experience is subjective but Reality is objective and is the sum of all that is contributed to the whole by the individuals, and if you make no contribution to the whole, then you give your power to others to use against you.  You decide to let them tell you if there are trees in the woods or not.  Reality pulls no punches, and you will eventually feel the wrath of your decision to remain ignorant and just "go with the flow" if you choose to do so.

     If we just accept the paradigms presented and implanted as reality, with no personal responsibility involved but that of "going along" (playing the game) then we end up with an unsustainable reality on a polluted and poisoned planet, scratching our heads wondering "Who will clean up this mess?" and "How did we get here?"   All of humanity will forever be scattered amongst the thousands of competing agendas and ideologues ... ologies and isims.... "wandering in the woods and ignorant of the trees."

"If you can't see the forest for the trees, it is time to Re-Visualize what you perceive."


    I do not believe in "God," for any being that would create other beings, to leave them wandering in the dark with no guidance (but a questionable "Bible" [or Quran, or whatever] ... that has 2,500+ different faiths (beliefs, historical contexts, indoctrinations, interpretations) translating the very same texts and/or conditions of "morality" (all very differently.)  I cannot worship a "God" if the God threatens to torture disbelievers, or to reward believers ... FOR ETERNITY ... for decisions they made in this inflicted condition, in this short eternally respective blink of an eye time span called "life."  That "God" is in no way due of adoration, devotion, nor worship."  That is just my opinion, but it has no impact on the rest of the information herein.  I am just trying to illustrate my mindset on this subject.

     "GOD" as printed on the dollar bill and as used by "THEM" (the reality manipulators) is an acronym for "Gold - Oil - Drugs," for that is the source of THEIR power and the basis of THEIR control over humanity.

     "God" in the religious texts (all of them) is a demanding being, with no tangible proof of actual existence outside of the texts, that we owe existence to, and must constantly and never endingly "believe" in and prove our allegiance, devotion, and adoration to; or to be punished or rewarded accordingly ... FOR ETERNITY.  More people have been murdered in the name of one of these types of "gods" than for any other excuse, and the murderers slept well because their "God" told them to do what they did and they will be rewarded in the "afterlife."  They took no "personal responsibility" for their actions because they were justified by their "faith."

     "GOD" in reality is the "Generator - Operator - Destroyer" for that is the flow of life.  First we are Generated (born), then life Operates (by our mindful control or others) and eventually we are Destroyed by the ravages of time and the fact that ours is just plain UP.  This is the Reality of everything.  All beings have a beginning, a life, and an end.  This is the cold hard truth of Reality.  It is our personal thoughts that make it what it is.  Either have your own thoughts, or submit to someone else's.

"This is not the "be-all, end-all" ... it is just a ride to experience and "learn."


"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. 

We are a lone consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.

There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream,

and we are the imagination of ourselves."
Bill Hicks

"The meaning of life is to just be alive.  It is so plain and so obvious and so simple and yet,

everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary 

to achieve something beyond themselves.

Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing,

than a long life spent in a miserable way.

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself."

Alan Watts

     I do not mean that there is no purpose for being here and that there is not retribution for your actions while here.  We are all imputing into the creation of the whole and we are required to help create a better place, not a worse one.  We all interact, and we are required and have a responsibility to interact, in a moral way towards each other, not in a harmful way.  We must show one another the respect we would like to receive, for morality is objective and immutable.  Reality is the sum of the whole and we have an obligation to add to that sum, not detract from it.

     Any being that demands you kill another to "prove" your devotion to him, is evil ... in all definitions of the word, and there is nothing "divine" about him.  All of the millions of humans that have been tortured and murdered over time "in the name of God" are all victims of a sick evil prank of a mad god ("THEY" that created it and got you to accept it) and I cannot accept this as reality.  The same goes for governmente for this is only another disguised "religion."  It is just another belief structure that you were "educated" to accept and give your power to.

"You either learn your way towards writing your own script in life,

or you unwittingly become an actor in someone else's script."

John Tayler Gatto

     I cannot accept that I am to blindly sit by and absorb the tortures of this inflicted reality, constantly turning the other cheek, waiting for someone else to come and "save" me; or believe that I am already "saved" and all of the  pain and conflict is just provided to "strengthen" my faith.  I take personal responsibility for the world around me, and hope to implant the tools and inquisitive mind in you to help me repair humanity and put our collective reality on a positive track, or at a minimum to get you to question what you have been "taught" is REAL and seek to redefine it for yourself.

"Reality is a personal responsibility."


     You and I are but fractals of the whole of reality and fractals of the Creator; the Generator - Operator - Destroyer that is Reality.  We can communicate with the Creator when our mind is balanced.  It is for us to see that there is a problem and change it, to balance it.  Just as every cell in your body has the complete DNA blueprint for a complete "you," you contain all of the information of the universe you are a part of.  Just as every cell in your body has an impact on the functioning of the body, every being has an impact on the harmony of the planet.  Just as your cells can be poisoned into malfunctioning by the introduction of impure and non-harmonious elements, your mind and its view can also be so influenced.  We have an obligation and a challenge to define all we perceive, and to do so with thought of harmony of the whole.

     This can be done through communications through our "Operator" (our own "little voice" of innate knowledge and doubt) with the "Generator" that manifests what we perceive into reality and allows us the power to change everything.  Or we can just fall to our knees, hypnotically chanting predefined prayers and incantations written by others; or sit in a Lotus position, and pretend that this reality is an illusion.  We have a choice to engage our personal "Operator" to control the situation ourselves, or allow for another to do it and to define it for us ... until the "Destroyer" lays his claim to our final day in this "reality."

      We can individually define the Generation of our reality by the Operation of Personal Responsibility, and  Destroy all those that seek to control or destroy us, for personal defense is the most basic right of all living beings on any level.  This is best accomplished with the Mental Martial Art.  We must each acknowledge our own "splinter in our mind" that we have perpetually ignored, and if you have none, implant it NOW!!  It is time to question the reality you see unfolding around you and make a PERSONAL decision ... to go along for the ride; or to try and take hold of the controls and guide the ride to a safe end.

     You can dedicate your lives to serving some fictional entity that you were told exists, and in perpetual prayer for that entity to "fix" things and to give you the strength to bear the suffering inflicted upon you by the reality you created; or you can kill everyone that does not believe the same and justify it saying this fictional entity told you to do it (governmnte or religious ... same thing); or you can take the "New Age" way and sit with your legs crossed and fall into deep meditation, and ignore all of the insanity; or you can take the unorthodox position of "Personal Responsibility" and look around at everything with an analytical and critical mind, roll up your sleeves, and get busy and FIX IT!  It requires ACTION!!

      Until I can verify the existence of a divine entity and witness actual actions from him to "fix" everything or to "save" us from ourselves, I must analyze the facts at hand; and the facts are that we are some screwed up in this "state of civilization" and there is no one coming to fix it; and it is OUR FAULT.  There is a hidden hand behind the curtain that is manipulating all, and no, it is not "god", it is not the "devil" or aliens or demons; it is man himself and we are all willing participants.  As said by many "Either you are with us or against us."  No one drawing breath sits on the sidelines here and ultimately has a choice to make.  That is what life is all about.

     We have the choice to experience and analyze this reality, or sleep through it for "security" and promises of rewards or fears of punishment ... "after."  There is a Consciousness that defines reality, and we are free to tap into and access that Consciousness for True Knowledge, if we seek it out and if we are balanced, for we are in Reality part of that Consciousness.  Like I said, in reality we are but a fractal of that Consciousness and we have a choice to make, and the freedom to make it.  There is a portion of humanity that does not want the rest to know these facts, and has created numerous stories to distract us from them.

      Truth exists and it cannot be completely covered or hidden.  It can be revealed through positive focused intent and a due diligent investigation.  It is our personal decision to THINK ... that is the tool, the "shovel" that we will use to dig Truth up, for it has been deeply buried over time. It EXISTS and through personal responsibility and communal dialogue, it can resurface and shine again.

     This is proposed to be a work that will shake the foundations of generally accepted history and science.  There are no sacred cows and no stone will be left unturned.  I do not uphold what is written herein in 100% undisputable truth (but is all researchable and verifiable,) but that what we have been "taught" is much further from the truth than what I will present.  I will highlight the lies and distortions, the logical fallacies and the cognitive dissonance in the "taught historical record."  This is why an understanding of the Trivium is important for this critical investigation. The fact is that we do not know the actual course of history but as you know it has been distorted (or rather what was manipulatively written and passed on/ or suppressed and distorted and buried) and what has been written must be questioned for accuracy, validity and bias.  Do not accept what I say as totally accurate, but also do not accept what anyone else says either, no matter how many advanced degrees of indoctrination they may wave in your face to "prove" their authority.

     I am a Madman that has done his homework, and has experienced and defined Reality for himself, and I have envisioned a way out of this madness for us all.  I am ready to share and to debate all takers of the challenge.  Are you ready for the deployment of the "Personal Gauntlet?"  To re-define the "collective reality" or to even believe that we can have an effect on and can actually change Reality?  Are you ready to re-define your own personal view of Reality?  Have you ever questioned Reality?  Will you ultimately depend on your personal indoctrinations and pat implanted definitions ... or your personal feelings and interpretations?  Just how secure are you in your "knowledge" of what reality is?  Have you ever really critically and analytically THOUGHT???

"A consistent thinker is a thoughtless person,

because he conforms to a pattern;

he repeats phrases and thinks in a groove."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

     This Madman does not look to others to solve his problems, nor answer his questions (and does not believe nor trust those that try to) but has rolled up his sleeves and "gone to work" in seeking Knowledge and solutions for his personal and our collective ills.  This is our collective "Dis-Ease" with Reality ... our collective disconnection from our very "Nature," and our nature is to think and create, not follow and destroy.  There are those that will argue that looking at history, we would see that our Nature IS to follow and destroy.  That is the history that exists as it has been manipulatively written and it is actually a record of the way we have been manipulated away from our True Nature to do these despicable things. The majority of mankind would rather just be left alone and leave others alone, not form armies and destroy others so that their masters could gain.

     I have felt the need to share the results of this journey with any that may desire to consider my musings, and then reflect on them ... comment on them ... share their own personal view of Reality; or merely dismiss this all as the ranting of a Madman.  I leave the choice to you for that is your reality.  The fact that your reality affects mine is the whole reason I felt the need to share this work.

     This Madman invites discussion and banter, for I have most definitively declared that I do not know all, but that I am on a journey for the benefit of man.  All opinions are valid of consideration at a most basic human level but must be scrutinized/analyzed/verified/debated before they can be accepted as valid (including mine.)  We all have major influence and input into the commonly accepted and experienced Reality, if we participate.  If we choose to quietly sit on the sidelines, then that influence and input becomes the power of others to wield. If the majority takes that stance, then the power of those that wish to control will be great, for it is the sum of all those that wished to remain undisturbed and sit unquestioning.  I will give fair warning that it is not pretty, nor painless, and I will not be gentle.

     At about age 50 my personal definitions of reality were shaken to the core and I suddenly realized that all was not as it seemed.  Somehow I just "knew" that I had always known and that I had witnessed clues along the way, but had none the less made the personal decision to just "ignore" it, to just "not make waves," to "keep my head down" and "go along to get along."  There was always a splinter in  my mind that questioned reality as it was defined to me by others, and an extra ordinary memory that seemed to hold on to all of those questions.  This splinter continued to poke me with the nagging question.  Keeping my head down left me in a position of actually sleeping through reality rather than confronting it.  Eight years ago I suddenly "awoke" and did not like what I saw, so I went into a self imposed "research mode."

     I now know and understand that I just had to find out "WHY?" ... and that eventually led me to "HOW?

I have always considered myself and strove to be an "honest man," but I always had this deep internal innate nagging that I needed to continually question what was real, and adjust myself rightly with it, or to cease considering myself to be honest.  No matter, it was always much easier to watch the ball game, or go play golf, or whatever, than to actually get involved in all of the work of "research" and ('god' forbid) ACTUALLY THINKING!!  The invention of the internet gave me (and you) the tools needed to restart this internal investigation and the questions drove me onwards.  Now that I had the tools at my fingertips, it seemed that ignoring the problem and not answering the questions was no longer acceptable (not that it ever was) and there were no longer any excuses for inaction, and that the excuse of laziness was the lamest of all.

     I soon realized that the questions "WHY?" and "HOW?" are not that simple, and I began diving headlong into all of the questions stuck in my mind that I had been ignoring, and all of the problems that plagued man ... and immediately ran into hundreds of conflicting definitions and opinions on every subject, from every angle.  For every problem there was an "expert" that swore the answer was "A," there was another that swore it was "B," and yet another that swore it was in fact "C," and they could all present their "facts" quite convincingly ... and all had the proper paper "credentials" to "prove" their "authority."  This really presented a problem and spurred me onto first answering the personal question "What is REAL?"  It seems that I had suddenly "awoken" and realized that things were really out of hand and upon reflection, this entire planet seemed insane.  Is it the planet or myself that is mad?  This question was the hardest to answer, but this work is my attempt.

     I have spent as much time in study as ANY doctoral candidate (one to be "graded" by those in "authority") in the past eight years, and this following work I consider to be my "Doctoral Thesis" of sorts - though there is no establishment that neither could nor would recognize my accomplishments with a "sheep skin," and I do not look for, nor claim, nor desire one.  Take what follows as you will.  I had no "curricula" that had been prescribed by another, I just wandered in every direction and studied history, law, medicine, philosophy, and any other particle of knowledge that interested me at the moment, usually spurred by current events or global trends; or as an intellectual escape from these mind numbing global trends into more esoteric or occult "items of knowledge."  I followed threads to connect the dots and strove to create a full picture of "Reality" ... for myself.

"If we think of the field as being removed,

there is no 'space' that remains,

since space does not have an independent existence.

Reality is an illusion,

albeit a very persistent one.

Hence it is clear that the space of physics is not, in the last analysis,

anything GIVEN in Nature,

or independent of human thought.

It is a fiction of our conceptual mind.

Space as conceived by Newton proved to be an illusion,

although for practical purposes a very fruitful illusion.

Albert Einstein

     Reality is an illusion.  It is the sum of man's knowledge ... and his bull sh*t, and accepted to be "real."  Man has created mathematics, which does not exist outside of man's mind, and then he used it to create complicated and ornate cyphers and formulae, to measure and define "reality" and the "physics" of it, all to "prove" his intelligence, creativity, and inventiveness (and then hold this "wisdom" over the head of those that do not posses it as "inferiors.")  Then he steps back and observes, and accepts what he has created, and passes on this "knowledge" to the next generation, who accept it as "gospel" and memorize and regurgitate it endlessly until we are all drowning in it. 

      Because man has created the definitions, the numbers, the math, and the cyphers and formuale, it can only be said that man has created his own reality.  "Science" and "Physics" only exist because man "created" them and accepts them as the end all be all.  The same self created illusion applies to medicine, chemistry, and any other "discipline of the sciences" that man has created and accepted as "reality."  It has become "science-ism" or another "religion" (to bind- to stop forward progress) to control man and divide him into "those that understand" and the "unwashed masses" ... although it is all an illusion that man has created and accepted.  The Illusion is different at every individual level, and your perception is defined by the school you went to, the teachers you had (and those that they had,) the articles and books you have read, and the value you gave to all that "noise" you were subjected to.  It is far past time for an Apocalypse of this Illusion.  That is the purpose of the remaining 14 chapters of this work, a challenge to you to re-analyze all of that "noise."

     The internet is the sum of man's knowledge ... and his bull sh*t ... from there it is a personal critical analysis  and decision as to which is which; and having the courage to venture into the breach in the first place.  Or to choose to remain secure in the "knowledge and comfort" of your personal reality, as you have accepted it ... as it has been defined by others for you.  It becomes uncomfortable to rock the boat or to even take it out of "safe harbor," and to question your perception of Reality.  If you continue to live under a rock, are you really living?  I had to answer this question for myself first.

     We each have the personal responsibility to either accept the world as it is defined and presented to us, or to challenge those preconceived ideals and recreate Reality in our own image.  The "great sciences" of today were created in large by those that went "against the grain" and could not be disproven (all "science" is theoretical and cannot be "proven"); or had the exposure to the masses through the financial backing of those that would stand to gain from their "wisdom."  We all have the inherent ability to create, and if we all begin thinking in new paradigms, the majority rules and we can create a new reality.  If we simply accept reality as it is presented to us, then the minority rules, and the rest are slaves and underlings to them.  The minority requires the acceptance and acquiescence of the majority to create the reality THEY desire.  The internet eliminates all barriers except those in your individual mind, and it levels the playing field for those awake and curious that desire changes in definitions and "reality."     

     "That new reality show is coming on, or the ball game, or WHATEVER."  "Did you see that new cat video on YouTube?"  "Check out the pictures that so-and-so posted on their (insert favorite social network) page." Twitter#tweet.  "Don't pay any attention to him; he is just one of those 'conspiracy theorists.'"

     All bread and circus ... do not question reality ... have another (insert favorite stimulant or mood enhancer here.)  Run off to church and get on your knees and pray for the strength to remain steadfast in your indoctrinated "faith."

     So much disinformation and pure programming propaganda is the white noise that is reality today.  We are kept so busy on our treadmills going nowhere chasing "security" that we welcome the white noise.  Freedom is the personal choice to step off the treadmill combined with the ability to do so.  If you do not exercise your freedom, you have none.

"Those that exchange freedom for security, will surly end up with neither."

Ben Franklin

     It is so much easier to just plug in and let something "entertain" you.  It is much harder to ask hard questions, then to actively search out answers that you can honestly believe.  It is made harder by peer pressure when you ask people you know these hard questions, and they laugh at you and ask you if you have gone mad for questioning "reality."  It is made even harder by all of the conflicting opinions from all of the "experts" with "degrees of indoctrination" that we are supposed to give homage to.  Most simply accept the first opinion that they are presented with and categorize all those that conflict with it as "wrong."

     We have today, in our hands, the greatest tool man has ever had.  We have the sum of man's knowledge, such that it is, at our fingertips.  It is a personal choice whether that knowledge stays at our fingertips, or it gets absorbed and processed into a part of ourselves, and our individual confidence and peace with True Knowledge, and it starts with the choice to turn the damn thing on.

     First, turn off the TV (television = tells you how to envision.)

     Next, get an idea or a question fixed in your mind (something said herein that rocks your boat?)

     Then get on the internet and start searching key words.  Let those results open new questions and then follow other key words.  When you read an article, read the posted comments and see what other readers felt they needed to say about it.  When you see a quote, check it out for yourself for context and accuracy.  Find a couple of good dictionaries (the older the better) and a couple of etymological books, and look up every word, even if you think you know what it means, and the etymological roots and origins of the word to see how the meaning has been changed.  Eliminate the negative definitions of what things are not, and seek only positive definitions of what things are.  Visit many sites, get differing opinions, search many terms that are related, and read EVERYTHING, watch every video, open your mind wide and set it free, wander in all directions and see where it takes you.  Take "Personal Responsibility" for your Knowledge!!!  Explore active investigation, or forever hold your peace.

"Good men of conscious should never hold their tongues,

or forever hold their peace."

Thomas Jefferson

     DISCOUNT NOTHING BUT BELIEVE NOTHING!!! Rather, remember and categorize EVERYTHING,

for that is the sum of Knowledge ... the right/wrong, positive/negative gambit.  You do not know a subject or topic and haven't proven a fact, until you "own both sides of the coin" so to speak; or you could just watch American Idol.  Are you "conscious?"  Do you have a conscience?

"If you want to achieve greatness,

stop asking for permission."


     Connect the dots as you see fit ... and come to your own personal summary of "What is REAL?" ... but do not accept anything as "fact" until you hear it from at least three different directions, for it takes three points to define a line, three legs to stand a stool, and three sources to define a fact.

     Do not, however, seek to only prove "facts" you already know.  I am sure that you can find hundreds of references for everything "generally accepted" and "taught as fact."  These will infect your searches in great numbers.  Your mission is to seek the unknown, the blatant dots in history that have never been conventionally connected, not to reinforce your indoctrination for THEM.  Einstein correctly stated that you cannot fix the problem with the same mindset that created it., and to avoid that trap you must take the challenge to look at things from different angles under different lighting options; to Re-Vision Reality and to adjust your mindset as you can see fit and justify.  You must leave the well worn trail and individually analyze the trees and get a real perspective and personal image of the forest.  Take your boat from the safe harbor and set sail to new lands and create new maps of reality.

     Let me caution you at this point.  There are vast quantities of disinformation in relation to Truth out there, and everyone wants to sell you something.  Even those you may come to respect and consider as "authoritative" will have 90% factual information, but that other 10% can lead you very far astray, and they want to sell you a book or two to explain it all.   Everyone needs to make a living and I am not telling you to not buy anyone's book (I am selling one myself to pay the bills,) I am just telling you to use discernment and seek honesty and Truth, and also to discount nothing but believe nothing.  If someone is honest, they will give you a portion of the Truth to you to convince you to buy their book, and they will leave the decision of the whole to the reader, rather than to try to program them.  That is why I have made the decision to publish my book in the fashion I have.  The first two chapters are on the internet for all to see, and to challenge them.  The most important information, the Trivium, is given freely, for it is not mine to profit from.  This chapter, The Goal, is also given freely to lay down the gauntlet before you.  From there, it is your choice if you should go further.  You need not buy my book, for I have given you the tools for critical analysis, and laid down the gauntlet, but from there it is your choice to dig or go back to sleep.  The internet is at your fingertips, will you make the choice to refine your personal definition of Reality?  My book will give more clarity to MY definition of Reality for your personal consideration, and a lot more to "gnaw on with your new teeth."  It is an entertaining and challenging look at Reality and history, and I will dive deeply into history, medicine, law, and many other subjects.  I promise I will continue to challenge your view of what is "True" and "Real."

     This is the time to employ the Trivium Method of critical analysis to every word and search out the logical fallacies and cognitive dissonance in every concept that is presented to you.  I will talk more about that later, but I felt I needed to express how important it is in accepting three correlating points of view as "fact," for they may all be wrong.  With the ratio so far slanted in the direction of wrong, one must tread carefully.  If you do not think that this is true, just look at the state of man and the planet today.  We continually pollute our environment, boil water with nuclear fuel that we still have no means of safely disposing of, wage wars, make more and more illegal to put more and more of our fellow humans in prisons, and continually raise taxes to unsustainable levels while spending money we do not have, placing future generations into debt before they are born.   Does it seem we are headed in the right direction?

     Even if you find three sources that agree, you still have to make a personal decision as to whether you will believe that fact.  It is confusing, I know, but that is the nature of the monster we are dealing with, and the level that the Illusion has become entrenched and the veil pulled over our eyes.  Our reality has been and continues to be manipulated by THEM and you must use discernment.  Use the Trivium Method.  Ask your little voice.

     I will not delve into long analysis of things others have written, but I will use quotes and give credit where it is due and known.  I will not delve into a lengthy bibliography (sources are sporadically given though) for this is not a text book, but rather a story.  If you want to know more about anything I say herein ... Google it!  If I offend anyone for using their words and not issuing credit here in, I sincerely apologize and I meant no trespass.  Rather I remembered and used your words because they were so good and resonated with me, and needed to resonate some more; if your words were used, they were used in a quote assigned to Unknown, because all other words herein are my own unless credited, and that simply means that you need a better publicist, but your words got new exposure ... so get over it!  

"I am a man! I exist! If I speak one word, that word LIVES, long after I am cast into my grave!"

The Twilight Zone - "Obsolete Man"

    In reality, all that we are is what we THINK we are, and the sum of all of our thoughts of our entire lives, and our thoughts take on a life of their own, and give their own definition to reality.  Our thoughts create Reality.  The realization of this one basic fact is a principal goal in the writing of my personal analysis of this insane world we find ourselves in. If you THINK you are a worthless being that must depend on some entity to come and "save you," and that your salvation depends entirely on your blind unquestioning belief in that entity, then you are in for a rude awakening ... and a rough ride.  If you think that there is no purpose to this life,  you too have a rude awakening in line for you.  Your opinion is subjective but Reality is objective and it pulls no punches.  If your thoughts were planted there by others' opinions, then you have never really thought.  What I will illustrate is the fact that there are those that have taken your inaction and lack of thought, and put it into play into a plan so diabolical it can scarcely be believed, but is none the less the future reality for all of us ... unless we begin to think and re-create who and what we are; reset the game with our actions.

     Our personal Perception/Definition/Analysis of reality, unless undertaken with determination and responsibility, is in the hands of others.  They have controlled, manipulated, and defined reality for over 2,000 years.  Are you applying the three phase responsibility above, sitting on a firmly balanced three legged stool of Knowledge, or are you uncomfortably wobbling about and falling over because you are not seated in this boat being tossed about on the waves of Reality as you have allowed THEM to define it?  Does your stool have three legs, firmly steadied by definitions you have researched and have full Knowledge of, or have you relinquished Analysis and depended on others to provide balance for your two legged stool as THEY defined it to be?  Is your seat comfortably padded with researched facts, or spiked with nails set there by others?  This is the story of and the definition of how you are a slave, the Illusion of this reality THEY have created, and there is nothing you can do about it ... or is there?  Can you change reality by looking it in the eye, personally analyzing it, and re-defining it with your own original thoughts?  It is your choice to see Reality as it actually exists, or only see a distorted reflection of it in a wavy fun house mirror someone placed before you.  Can you lift the veil and break the mirror before you and set your mind free to solve the problems we collectively face?  Can you free yourself from the bamboozle?

     Reality as it exists is the consequence of actions (or in-actions) of the past, and it can be changed in the future by actions in the present.  Basically we create our own reality, and every thought in your head your entire life, everything you have ever been taught, and every TV show you have ever watched, are all bricks in the wall of what you perceive as reality.  These bricks are the formatting of your brain and the facts you were taught by your parents, teachers, spiritualists, and whomever you allowed to "teach you a fact."

     It is possible to tear down that wall and create new bricks and build a new reality ... THEY just don't want you to know that.  If you do not supply the Analysis, and only rely on the Perception (tunnel vision in a fun house mirror) and Definition (as supplied by THEM), then your two legged stool will not stand, and you are fully in THEIR control ... THEIR slave.  You are fully subject to the whims of others and every time you do not apply Analysis, the balance of your stool is in THEIR hands and another brick is placed in the wall to define the view you have.  Even after you learned that Santa and the Bunny were fictions, you let those bricks remain and passed them on to your children, perpetuating the control and manipulation.

      My goal is to show you, with facts, that some of the bricks in your wall you just know to be "real" ... do not exist.  They were set in your wall by others and they have no basis in Reality, other than to block your view for THEIR gain.  The only reason they are in your wall is because you let THEM put them there and accepted them as real.  If you could see all of the bricks in this category simply disappear, you would begin to see the view behind the wall and then you could Re-View your reality, and then proceed to rebuild it with REAL bricks.  Bricks (filters) that you personally inspected, measured, and examined for quality - before you personally installed it in your self-determined proper place.  These bricks are allowed to be made of glass, and thus not obscure the view of what lies beyond, but yet still give some protection from outside assault, for after all, isn't this the purpose of building a wall?  If we let others build that wall for us, it serves to protect THEM from us and allows our assaulters to become our masters.  This is a painful process to tear down this wall.  It is not an easy journey.  It is similar to and analogyst to  the painful process that requires dedication and unrelenting practice that it takes to become a Mental Martial Artist.  It is a personal gauntlet that will test your humanity.  Are you up to the challenge?  If you are familiar with the rock band Pink Floyd, their album "The Wall" was all about this theory.

"We don't need no education,

We don't need no thought control,

No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Teacher leave those kids alone,


All in all your just another brick in the wall."

Pink Floyd "The Wall"

     Every journey begins with a single step and this one begins with a single question .... "Who are you?"

Are you your career choice, or marital status, of the school you graduated from?  Are you the religion that you happened to be born into, or have you adopted another indoctrination pattern and become another religion?  Are you a brilliant shining "light being" simply inhabiting this bodily form for a brief time?  Are you just a random mixture of chemicals that will eventually die - and that is all there is?  Are you the type that "knows" there is a "God" - that needs our continual defense, suffering, and worship; that will ultimately judge you, then torment or reward you for eternity for the blind snap judgements you made in this blink of an eye of inflicted reality within the concept of eternity?  Are you the scientific type that must define and categorize everything by the words and definitions you learned in school from others?  Where do you fit in within the "types" outline above?  Who are you?  Have you ever really given it much thought?

     It is your personal choice as to how you proceed from this point.  I have given forewarning that this is the summation of musings from a Practical Madman, so take it as you will.  Perception is a personal view defined by our "education level" (indoctrinational view limiting bricks,) our religious "beliefs" (GIANT view limiting bricks.) and our personal ability for retention of facts and ability to correlate those facts through our own personal mind filter systems (what I call my "bull sh*t meter," some call it "common sense.")   These are all combined to make a personal summary and filing of all information taken in, or willfully ignored, to control the totality of our "personal sum of facts" that we use to define our personal reality.  This ultimately defines the whole.  These are the words that color our mind as Kipling spoke of in the last chapter.

   The majority is suffering from a disorder I call "Indoctrination/Retention/Application" syndrome, and their education level will not allow ideas that conflict with what they "know to be real"  This most certainly discourages "Analysis," or the third leg of our personal responsibility stool.  This stands only on Definition and Perception, and this two legged stool is unable to stand.  Unfortunately for mankind, this at present seems to be the majority.  Their individual indoctrination level is what most base their individual "realities" on and ground themselves with.  The vast majority of mankind never uses a very high level of critical thinking, and that is all according to THEIR plan.

     Yin/Yang; positive/negative; male/female; dark/light; God/Devil; good/evil; Coke/Pepsi; Christian/Muslim ... this is a duality reinforced reality and the sooner we fully grasp and can relate to that Truth, the better, but that is also the origin of and the solution to all of our problems.  This is the very way that way that we have been manipulated by THEM for time immemorial and can be summed up as "divide and conquer."  God/good and Devil/evil ... ever think of the relationship between those words?  Words have meaning  and they are structured by those that have the "authority" to do so to serve THEIR goals.

     "THEM ... THEY" ... the Powers That Be ... the "man behind the curtain," the "hidden hand" ... you know - the guys you are taught to think of as only believed in by "conspiracy theorists" or some other defined and named delusional affliction installed to filter these reality questioners into a category to be ignored and pitied ... Oppositional Defiance Disorder sufferers. THEY install filters (bricks) to hide any information coming from a source not in THEIR control.  THEY use derogative names to discredit these free thinkers, to explain away their personal definitions of what they perceive as "real" ... you know ... "conspiracy nuts; unconventional thinkers; Madmen; idiots" ... the ones THEY warned you about, to inoculate you from their "madness."

     Any true reflection into the realm of duality must take into consideration facts and realities that have been ignored or even subverted in "official history."  Every story or fact of history has two sides, but we are only told one.  The victors write the history.  There is a war on for your mind that is raging around you and THEY are winning the war, and we are all prisoners of war.  We are all slaves.  The was is covert and ongoing, and most do not even see it, but cheerfully and dutifully succumb to it, and aid and abet the enemy by inflicting our children with the same delusions.

"Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past."

George Orwell "1984"

    We live in a duality reality and we are taught (indoctrinated) into only looking at it one way.  We have been and continue to be manipulated, and that is the REALITY I am trying to reveal, and trying in my own Mad way to illustrate here, and offer for your personal consideration for incorporation into your personal definition of your own reality ... or not, your choice, for this HERstory is just a story, just as history is just a story.

      This duality can be clearly seen in our most basic biological look at our own physical bodies and brains.  It takes two legs to walk, two eyes to perceive depth, two ears to perceive direction, and two arms to embrace and to interact with the world efficiently.  There are two distinct halves to the higher mind or cerebral cortex.  Certain functions and actions of the brain have been documented to originate in certain or areas in the brain, but it is generally said that the two halves have different "operating systems" to use today's computer lingo.  The left side is a linear or serial processor that is responsible for linear analytical thought.  The right side is a parallel or logic processor with many sub-routines running and is responsible for creative non-linear thought.  This is commonly referred to our "male/female" internal selves.  If you can be manipulated by the installation of filters (bricks) into using only one side or the other, the type of person you will be has largely been determined for you.  Your only escape from this mental mind control is to rely on the third leg of your personal stool ... ANALYSIS ... and that requires that you do the work to balance your mind and to remove the filters that others have placed in your mind - it requires action.  We own nothing but out thoughts and deeds.  Do you still own yours or have you sold them for the Illusion of security?

     You have been manipulated into having a firm grasp on the reality that the ideas I will present are only capable of being processed in a mad mind.  An "unconventional" grasp of reality is dangerous and can lead to bizarre thoughts ... like "Free Will" ... and that could lead to "Questioning authority."  Oh the insanity!!! Heaven forbid!!  Can you break free from this manipulation?  Do you even care to?  Do you even care to see the fact that you have been manipulated?  Are you up for a story, for some food for thought?  I would like to present what I believe to be the cure for humanity's collective ills and inflictions of control (Antithesis) to define and shine light on the lies that created them (Thesis) and weave the two together (Synthesis) for your personal consideration.

     The bottom line comes down to one word .... NO!   Once we understand True Knowledge, and Natural Law, on a fundamental and innate level, it all comes down to the word "NO!" to reclaim your liberty and freedom.  We have the right of the Sacred Masculine right of self defense, and the Sacred Feminine right of non-aggression.  It all comes down to having possession of the Knowledge and the courage to stand firm in that Knowledge to demand our rights. If we do not demand them, then we do not have them.  If we are trespassed upon, and stand up for them, and we are killed, then our problems are over, we lived a righteous life, and our sentence on this prison planet has been commuted.  Death is a release from this prison.

      We must stand in peaceful non-compliance, but forever ready to defend ourselves.   We must never take the offensive, but remain firm in the defensive and this begins with a thorough Knowledge and comfort in the Wisdom it gives.  Fear is an illusion.  It is only in the mind and is dwelling on things that do not exist and may never exist.  Knowledge is Reality and it is Wisdom and it exists, if you diligently pursue it, and it will give you calm to stand in the face of adversity.  Like a Kung Fu master, you must remain balanced, knowing you have prepared yourself to the best of your ability, and what will be will be.

     The key is for you to take personal responsibility and do the work necessary, and to take the charge to educate others, and to be a shining example for them.  If we can take this yolk, and then pass it on to the next generation fully intact, then the manipulations will end and we can free humanity, and begin to rebuild this planet with harmony.

"I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind,

there was something so special about that place,

even your emotions had an echo in so much space ... mmmmmmm

And when I was there, yea out there, I was out of touch,

but it wasn't because I didn't know enough,

I just knew too much.

Does that make me crazy?


Maybe I'm crazy,

maybe you're crazy,

maybe we're crazy


Gnarles Barkly, "Crazy"

This is what happens when you tear down your pre-installed walls of perception of reality.

Are you up to the challenge?

"I maintain that Truth is a pathless land,

and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever,

by any religion, by any sect."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Truth stands on its own and does not need definition by any religion or sect.

"The Truth is like a lion.

You do not need to defend it,

just set it loose and it will defend itself."

St. Augustine

The whole problem is that Truth has been bound and gagged and defined

by those that granted themselves the power to do so.

It is time to set Truth free, but that takes Personal Responsibility and Action.

"I have over educated myself in all the things I shouldn't have known."

Noel Coward

This brings us to the end of chapter 2.

If you feel inclined to buy my book, I can be reached by email at:

If you desire to debate anything I wrote, feel free to contact me too!

I only desire to free humanity from the circular reasoning and cognitive dissonance

and to put the planet on a path towards true "sustainability" -

not as defined by the UN, but something real that all people can understand and define.

The Trivium is the answer to solve that and all of our problems.

If I sell a few books to pay a few bills, fine .......

but if I do not sell a single book, but I get people to read these first two chapters,

and enable humanity to think critically and analytically,

then my goal has been met.

For an idea of the contents of the rest of my book, here is the contents of the remaining chapters:

Chapter 3  Pre-History      This is a humorous outline of history from the time we crawled from the caves to the

                                          Roman Empire.

Chapter 4 Roman History     This is a look at Roman history that exposes little known facts. It is an explanation

                                         of why I say Rome never fell, it only went underground.

Chapter 5 Pre-American History    This is a look at America and the world before the "discovery" in 1492, and 

                                         how America was known about before Columbus left port and what he really did

                                         once he found his way here. It also explores life in the colonies that created revolution.

Chapter 6 American History     This is a look at the history of America including the Constitution, the "founding

                                         fathers," and other little known history with emphasis on the Truth of what happened.

Chapter 7 The Un-Civil War   This is a look at how Lincoln did not "preserve" the Union, he conquered it.

                                        Lincoln brought fascism to America, and we exported it to the rest of the world.

Chapter 8 The New World Power      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.Did the Roman Empire really

                                      "fall?"  How the bankers rule the world.

Chapter 9 "Doctors destroy health"     This is a look into the fallacies, cognitive dissonance and circular    

                                          reasoning of allopathic medicine and the power and influence of the medical industrial

                                          complex over government policies.

Chapter 10 "Lawyers destroy justice"   This is a look into the "law system" and how we have been enslaved by it.

                                          It is also an exploration into Natural Law.

Chapter 11 "Universities destroy knowledge"  This is a look into how our education system has been designed to

                                          produce good little workers, not freedom minded individuals with knowledge of true

                                          freedom, or an ability to think critically or analytically.

Chapter 12 "Governments destroy freedom"  This is a look into the Codes, Acts, Regulations, and other tools

                                          that the government uses to enslave us and extract our wealth and production, and how

                                          the bankers own America.

Chapter 13 "Major media destroys information"  This is a look into how the media all read from the same page

                                          and how information is censored to fit the government's talking points.

Chapter 14 "Religion destroys spirituality"  This is a look at how organized religion was created to bind us into

                                          one frame of mind to control us and perpetuate the indoctrination.

Chapter 15 "I think there's more to know here"  This is a look into the wealthiest families and the amount of 

                                          wealth they control, and the major world wide corporations and the amount of the

                                          economy they control.

Chapter 16 Where do we go from here?   This is a summary of my solutions to cure pollution, poisoned foods,

                                          poisoned water and how to insure true freedom for every human in a truly sustainable

                                          way.  These solutions will end famine, disease, and suffering across the planet, as well

                                          as THEIR control over us.

Chapters 9-15 are titled from one of my favorite quotes:

"Look at us, everything is backwards, everything is upside down,

doctors destroy health,

lawyers destroy justice,

psychiatrists destroy minds,

scientists destroy truth,

universities destroy knowledge,

governments destroy freedom,

major media destroys information,

religion destroys spirituality."

Michael Ellner

often quoted by David Ike with the added line:

"I think there's more to know here."

Copyright for invention and content Laurent J. Noel


Written and published by Laurent J. Noel