The Illusion's Apocalypse

by The Practical Madman aka Laurent J. Noel

I know I said I would publish 2 chapters to read for free, but for those of you that got this far, here is a bonus chapter.  Thank you.

The Illusion’s Apocalypse

Chapter 3


A summary of The Practical Madman’s view of human history…. from the beginning….

“History is fables agreed upon.”


“Chief among the spoils of victory is the privilege of writing the history.”

Mark Alexander

“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

“History is an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant,

which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.”

Ambrose Bierce

“A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable.”

Thomas Jefferson

“The history of war is the history of powerful individuals willing to sacrifice

thousands upon thousands of other people’s lives for personal gains.”

Michael Rivero

      History as defined by the “historical records” is tainted, and we may never know the truth of what really happened in the past. For the purpose of this work, I must first lay a foundation to build this story on, for after all, it is a story. We will get into the documentable and researchable facts in later chapters, but this story is needed first to lay a foundation for understanding the rest.

       In an honest analysis of human history, from an analysis of the archeological artifacts and whatever ancient writings and records found on this planet (or at least revealed - for there has been much found and not revealed) - it would seem that from the time man first crawled from the caves and began to think, his first thought was “Who can I kill?” Soon afterwards, two men started plotting against a third, and conspiracy was born.

      I am talking about the emergence of Homo sapiens here. This is a look back to the very beginning of history. I am talking about the development of the two halves of the cerebral cortex, and the emergence of the duality, the male/female halves of the brain. This is Homo sapiens’ record. The masculine record is history and the feminine is HERstory (remember this is reference to modes of thought, not the actual genders.) In this world the feminine has been subservient to the masculine, and HERstory was never recorded, until now.

        Human history from the start is a record of brother killing brother, neighbor killing neighbor, and one village attacking another village. As the population grew, the stakes also grew. Kings declared their right to rule by “divine right” and conquered villages to build kingdoms, kingdom warred against kingdom to build empires, on and on it goes as time flew and the population grew. For the majority, most would rather just be left alone, but for the few, it was their goal to use the rest for their gain.

       There were discoveries and inventions to enhance and sustain life along the way, and this knowledge was shared, and added to, and shared some more, but in the sum of things there was much more death and war, and life was never easy. More energy had to be dedicated to general needs, defense, and basic survival, than to developing the human mind.

      Through time things were learned, shared, added to, the knowledge base grew, and the population of humanity grew, but unfortunately not in proportion to one another, for population growth left knowledge base growth too far behind from the start, and had a much quicker pace. It still basically came down to brute force and the basic survival instinct.

Brute force soon met up with the quick mind, and the top dog became King. As Kings conquered and expanded their holdings, by the manipulation of the lesser intuitive humans around them, they learned to keep the smartest of the others close at hand, for they were smart themselves and realized quickly that any other smart person is a threat, and is best kept close to keep an eye on. Keeping them close also allowed the harvesting of the resource of their thoughts. Very early on the smartest realized that resources are wealth and thoughts are resources, and the unknown thoughts of another can also be detrimental to your own future. They knew that the basic thoughts of the common people were of basic survival, and they preyed on that weakness.

      These smart people became his consults and lords, and the wisest of them was the Wizard. I am talking about that rare arrangement of mind that makes a very few very different from the rest. It is a known fact that only 7% of mankind is left handed. There is something wired differently in these people’s minds that differs them from the rest. I am not insinuating that left handed people are smarter, just wired differently. It is a fact that some people have finer tuned hearing or sight than others, and some have less than the average of the rest, and there is an infinite possibility of mental wiring possibilities as far as the mind’s control of and relation to the body. The way data input from the world around us is perceived and what level of perception is available to the individual is a physically “wired” function of each individual mind. It is also a fact that some people are smarter than others and some are the “smartest in the room.” The Wizard was that rare 1% of the smartest 1% and he was just wired differently.

     I explained in the first chapters how the two halves of the brain functioned. This is Homo sapiens’ cerebral cortex- the physical “higher mind” (structurally above the rest) that separated him/her from the rest of mammals. There are also other parts of the brain that are older in mankind’s development, and these are: the Reptilian brain - responsible for feed, flight or fight responses - action/reaction functioning in a linear process, and controlling the most basic body functions and rhythms; and the Mammalian brain, responsible for creativity, emotion, parental care, playfulness, and empathy (LOVE), and also a lot of the newer hormonal functions of the mammalian body – functioning in a logical process.

      The King thought he was the smartest of them all, but he had underestimated the Wizard’s wisdom. The Wizard had a fully functioning mind and perception of reality different than that of those around him, and could even manipulate the reality of others, even the King - for his own purpose. He was not of physical stature to challenge the King, but mentally and in the realms of critical and abstract thinking, he had few rivals, and the King was NOT in his class. The King was of the 1% (or he did not remain king very long) but the Wizard was the 1% of the 1%. The Wizard’s mind was finely tuned, but it also had a major disconnection from a portion of his mammalian mind, this was his ability to feel empathy, and this would be his flaw that would inflict humanity with suffering and we suffer from to this day. He understood how to feign empathy and humility when it was to his advantage, and he used this talent to manipulate others, including the King.

      I use the term “Wizard” for there is no other abstract known concept that I can produce and have clearly understood, for this is a story and stories need characters. I mean no offence to Wizards and only use that name as an abstract. This Wizard was a man that had a fully functioning and very quick mind, and had a grasp on reality that few understood. He could read the thoughts of others in their words and bodily expressions, and could manipulate their reality through the way they perceived things, by reading and then controlling which half of the mind they were grounded in, with his words. He understood the left/right brain paradigm and its relationship to the older brain sections. He could implant thoughts and filters into their minds and control the way they thought, by organizing and manipulating the relationship between these four sections of a man’s mind through hypnotic spells.

      The Wizard was ultimately a man and also had human ambitions and selfishness, and always kept the full picture of reality as he perceived it from the King. It was the Wizard that convinced the King that he had a “Divine right to rule” and taught all others the same, for it was in HIS best interest of total control over all. It was the Wizard that taught the King the Trivium in a skewed order for a skewed result, in his favor. He may not have understood his wisdom in the terms of the Trivium or even knew that name, but he knew the principals innately, for it is the natural function of the balanced human mind, and he used that internal knowledge for his advantage against all others.

      The king was a narcissist, but the Wizard was the original text book narcissist. He was sadistic, hateful, murderous, handsome, and charming, with an inability to love, and unable to feel empathy, and he used his power to feed the king’s narcissism. He was a chronic pathological liar. The narcissist has only one purpose in life, and that is to fulfill their own personal agenda no matter what the cost and every ounce of energy they expend is for this goal and this goal alone. The Wizard is also the text book psychopath in that his antisocial personality disorder is manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, and amoral behavior without remorse. The psychopath has no emotions, but rather mimics the emotional display he sees in others to hide his personality disorder. This “Wizard” was a psychopathic narcissist and this made him the most despicable and dangerous type of human possible, with a talent to read and reprogram those around him to manipulate them.

      The Wizard waged his war with words. The King considered the Wizard as the smartest in the room (besides himself,) and people listened to what he said - and this gave his words power, and he used them as his weapons. Through his words he could program the outcome of any person’s thoughts, through suggestive conversation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) is defined today as the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from that, and is predicated upon the belief that all behavior has structure.  The basic premise of Neuro-Linguistic programming is that the words we use reflect an inner, subconscious perception of our problems; if these words and perceptions are inaccurate, as long as we continue to use them and to think in terms of them, our underlying problem will persist.  The Wizard had an innate understanding of this and this has been his greatest weapon, and also our solution for escaping this quagmire he created for us.

      He could instantaneously read a person’s personal wiring through their mannerisms and words. He had learned to access then amplify or block off the female portion of the brain (for the feminine portion is submissive to the masculine in an unbalanced mind) to guide some in one direction and others in another. He could manipulate them from the knowledge he perceived as to the construction of their personal wiring, and what it could be receptive to in the order of re-wiring to suit himself, and to keep them off balance. He could amplify and wire the female section directly to either the Reptilian brain for one result, or to the Mammalian for another. He could shut down the female in some and make the male portion predominate, and chose which of the other sections it was wired to, for completely different results in others. He had quickly determined with his super quick mind that the best way to control humanity was to divide it mentally, to keep it off balance, and keep certain “knowledge” secret from the rest. To “deceive” them- from Latin (v) decipere; "to ensnare, take in, beguile, cheat”, and to mimic their emotional response to make them believe he felt their pain.

      The Wizard created the “Devil” in man’s collective mind, for he needed something for man to fear (other than himself and to distract analysis of his actions) and thus he programmed it to be there, and he created “God” as the antithesis (so the people had a hope of deliverance and ultimate salvation from this wicked planet), so there would be division and a duality he could control. He stayed in the shadows as much as possible, but had men (kings, priests, warriors) under his spell to do his bidding. The best part of this whole scheme is that man was a willing participant and voluntarily raised the next generation with these ills pre-installed for the Wizard to manipulate.

      This is the way it worked all across the globe from the beginning. From the Mongolians, to the Africans, to the natives on the islands in the south Pacific, there would always arise a King, he would select his consults, and the wisest got a larger portion of the King’s attention. The Wise man became the Wizard in every civilization throughout history (though the name varied, High Priest, Shaman, Medicine Man, etc.,) and the kingdoms all fell because of the psychopathic narcissistic madness of the Wizard in his quest for total control, influenced and fueled by greed and a total lack of empathy; and the people he dominated always suffered and paid dearly for his crimes against them and their willing participation

      The preinstalled wiring we are all born with is a luck of the draw, and he drew the best of all that crossed his path (as far as intelligence and perceptive ability were concerned,) and he could clearly see their worth and wiring and conceal his own. He was wired in a way that few were, but there were others like him in other areas and eventually their paths would cross, and THEY could recognize each other. They would eventually go to war for domination, with their kings and warriors to do the dirty work. As the populations grew into numbers that were not easily controlled, and the quantity of Wizards increased accordingly, these Wizards would eventually conspire together to create a new reality of THEIR design to control the hordes (herds- for they thought of their inferiors as “cattle”... and still do.) This is the “THEY” / “THEM” that are talked about in hushed terms. These are the ones behind the curtain, the hidden hand, pulling the strings of humanity to make it perform to THEIR will. But they are still only men.

      Some say that these wizards were the spawn of extraterrestrials, but lacking solid evidence of the existence of these other world beings, I submit that these were only psychopathic narcissistic men with extraordinary minds, with an all too human thirst for power and control, and they possessed the talents needed to quench their thirst. Perhaps all of the ancient stories of aliens were just the manipulations of the wizards, because no solid evidence otherwise exists, or has not been made public knowledge and hidden away if it does. Some say that the aliens needed gold and created man to mine it for them, but I submit that the wizards created man’s lust for gold as a means of control, for he could implant any idea he desired into other men’s minds, and this lust for gold was a tool to use to manipulate others. It had no real value but that which he installed in men’s minds and as his personal tool for control. As men valued gold, he would eventually acquire all of it, and thus unquestionably retain his power.

      Through all of the grand wirings of his mind that gave the Wizard his great power over men, his inability to feel empathy was a severe defect. This is what allowed him to create the Devil and to plant it in man’s mind for a scapegoat. This is what allowed him to plant value in a shiny metal into man’s mind to control them. This has later been proven to be a fatal flaw in him that all of humanity was to suffer the consequences of. This was the missing piece of his humanity and a flaw that he could have easily recognized and corrected (for he had the intelligence to do so,) for the benefit of humanity, and then had a release of the knowledge; but rather he chose to sequester it in his slightly off balanced mind, and convince himself that he was god- and then venture to prove that “fact” to the rest. There is always a choice.

“There is no good or evil, there is only POWER, and those too weak to seek it”

Voldamort in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

      In every corner of the world’s records of history, this is the same pattern. It is the pattern of every conqueror and dictator of history. A King would grow and draw his consults, and together, the King and his consults conspired and devised many methods of expanding and maintaining the King’s control over his holdings and of controlling the masses. The most common way devised across the globe, throughout history, was to separate the people into classes, and maintain a division by the manipulation of information, knowledge, and other resources. There were only two levels on this field: top/bottom; master/slave; king/serf; elite/commoner; patrician/plebian- there was no middle class. There was no value in allowing people to be free and to develop naturally.

      Brute force combined with a quick mind was the order of the day. The Wizard was always the quickest of mind, and the brute force at his command was that of others. As the population grew, and the division of humanity further enforced, so did his power grow. Knowledge had accumulated to the point where it was possible to pass certain wisdom on to some but keep it hidden from others. There were now millions of manipulated “others” from which the Kings could harvest the wealth and riches of their resources - labor/service in battle, if they were common average people; or if they were quick of mind their thoughts/knowledge/invention ... and the Wizard was at the King's side and in his ear.

The King's consults (besides the Wizard) were the Scribes and Pharisees. The Scribes were the intellectual, left brain thinkers and creators of governmente and law, and the Pharisees were the spiritual right brain thinkers and creators of spiritual dogma. The Wizard shined in either field and controlled both.

      Kingdoms were conquered by empires, and then eventually empires would clash or crash. All of these different divisions of control of different areas and their resources and inhabitants, and all of the wars fought to wrest control from one another, and the different methods used, and different “mass population control” systems that men devised to get and maintain control, was the focus of humanity’s mental efforts for the majority of man’s early history, and it continues unabated today.

      Just as there were men that were quick of mind as I have described, so there were women of the same ilk, for this is a duality world. There were women with the same mental faculties as the men, and the Wizards feared these women greatly, and did their best to poison the rest against the Witches and shun them. The Witches did not have the flaw that the Wizards did for their empathy was intact. This made them a foe to be silenced, for this could be the downfall of the Wizards’ plans. Her flaw was in the lack of a connection to a part of her Reptilian brain that controlled aggression, and thus she never went on the offensive against the Wizard. She was not a psychopath or a narcissist. She was rather constantly distracted by being on the defensive position from his constant attacks, and embittered by the rest of the population’s disrespect and out and out violence towards her because of the fear of her that the Wizard installed in them. For the most part, the Witches remained silent and undiscovered, because this was the greatest insurance for a long life.

Here I want to stress that this is not a gender based classification for there are female Wizards and male Witches, and I mean no insult to Wizards or Witches. Up to this point I have used Wizard as a masculine term, for that was the predominance and the king was usually male, and that is the image normally drawn in one’s mind when they hear the word. The same goes for the word Witch. The Wizard is grounded in a left brain linear thought process of "Me, mine,” and the Witch is more of a right brain serial thought process that was holistic, nurturing, intuitive, highly intelligent and more balanced with nature.

      Now, to get back to our work now that this ground work has been laid. The HERstory is a record of this ongoing battle. The HERstory is the other side of the coin, the other half of the record that has been kept hidden. The very planet we live on, (Earth, Gaia, or whatever) is a conscious being, and she is also included in this re-vision of history, and she is most decidedly female because all life springs from her and cannot exist without her cooperation and balance. Everything that has been left out of history will be reveled, and the dots connected to reveal an image THEY do not want you to see.

      From here on, whenever I used the capitalized pronouns “She” or “Her” I will be referring to the organized manipulations of the Wizards and THEIR ongoing quest for total control over everything. This seems to have had a consistent theme throughout history, as if there were some “Grand Plan” somewhere, written by someone long ago, which has been followed through the ages. I will try to highlight this running thread of control as we go from here, and use it to connect dots most never see.

      There has always been that smallest portion of mankind that was born as wizards, and they always found one another. As the population grew and there were more Wizards simply as a function of ratios, the older Wizards recognized and trained the next generation, and the plans that were devised were defined and passed on. The Wizards chose their mates carefully to control the intelligence of their offspring, and soon began to interbreed to keep the bloodlines pure. The more populous mankind became, the more Wizards there were, and the more refined and detailed the plan grew, the plan for eventual total control. This master plan became a destiny and ultimate goal, and it was passed on from one generation of wizard to the next, and it is still in play and in control to this day.

      For the purpose of this work I created a "being" to describe the sum of these collective and relentless organized manipulations, and I called it “Her,” for it would seem that the plan has taken on a life of its own. In casual conversations with friends, I call it “The Monster.” This is just the creation of a pronoun to become a tense sensitive "name" for the purpose of this work. I mean no reference to femedom on any level. Ships, planes, cars and many modes of moving people and cargo, are referred to as “She” and “Her,” and are given feminine names (in general) and since this work is a “mode of transportation” to get you to think in new terms and to re-visualize reality under a new light from a different direction, a feminine persona would apply.

      This work is a rhetorical analysis of our common quagmire to answer the age old question of “How?”; the thesis of which is "common knowledge,” so I played on the construction of the word “history,” and developed the antithesis –“HERstory” ("un-common knowledge,") and this work is an attempt at the Synthesis of the REAL story of humanity and reality, so I wrote about “Her.” Every story needs characters, and “She” is our main character. She is “THEY/ THEM,” the Wizards. She is THEIR manipulations of the feminine side of humanity’s collective mind, and the masculine domination of females throughout history. She is the pollution that has been inflicted on the planet Gaia. She is the war that has been declared on the Sacred Feminine Natural Law (more on this in a later chapter.) She is THEIR war against THEIR greatest foes; compassion, love, empathy, nurturing- for these were the antithesis of THEIR goals because this crates real tangible wealth for all. Her goal is all wealth and power for Herself. She is the lessons taught from one generation of Wizard to the next and it is what humanity suffers under.

      Religious types may substitute whatever tense of pronoun name is used for "The Devil" and that will do just the same to arrive at an understanding of this work, but I implore you to use personal analysis and discernment to its fullest; to put aside any indoctrinations you may have, and proceed with a truly open mind. This work was written to illustrate the manipulations mankind has suffered and offer an analysis of the source of the tribulations and to offer natural, positive balanced solutions for solving our common problem. Religion will get in the way of acceptance of this work as Truth, and just for the sake of reading it, I again ask you to put aside your religious indoctrinations and open your mind, and read what is written in that mode. Listen to that little voice in your mind and ask yourself if what you read is real. Pray - because your Spirit will recognize Truth.

      We must take personal responsibility and determine how our brains have been tampered with through indoctrination and mal-education, and re-wire them ourselves. It is time to tear down the brick walls that have been built there by others and build new ones of our own design. We must create our own reality or leave that task and control to others. We must communicate with our inner Spirit and pray for revelation of Truth, a balance of the mind and spirit.

In a perfectly balanced human the two halves of the cortex work in sync for the processing of incoming information for the analytical and creative processes of thought. The Reptilian section keeps the most basic rhythms of the body going and is always on alert mode for trespassers or danger, and the Mammalian section also keeps the body humming, and the playfulness, empathy and love flowing. These two leave the cerebral cortex free to process thoughts, reflect on them, and to create …. have abstract thoughts. There are few if any humans that have ever been perfect and that is The One Great Work (to be discussed and defined later in this work) and the reason for our existence on this planet. To realize that we have a problem and to solve it for ourselves is the greatest accomplishment we can make on a personal level, and to pass it on to others is the greatest work we can do for the planet and the population on it as a whole. This is the greatest manipulation that has been perpetrated on humanity, to keep us from this truth and keep us in bondage and slavery to others manipulations.

      If analyzed, thought is internal dialogue, and it takes two to have a dialogue, so two portions of the brain must communicate for a dialogue to transpire, or to think. In early humans, the male had his left brain, linear processor, wired directly to his reptilian brain, and this made him aggressive and domineering. The female had her right brain, serial processor, wired directly to her mammalian brain, and that made her nurturing and resourceful, but also submissive. As time went on and the population grew, more and more combinations of connections between the brain sections were established and a more varied personality of humanity arose.

      Humans come with their brains wired in a personally individual configuration when they are born. The way that the 4 parts communicate is somewhat predetermined by your luck of the draw, and then from there, as your mind grows and develops, that original wiring can be rewired, and mostly that is done by our acceptance of the things that others teach us during that time. I was personally wired in a way that made me question the motives of all those that sought to rewire me and I never accepted any rewiring or believed anyone; till I “awoke” and tweaked my personal wiring myself with the knowledge I was obtaining in my research. It always comes down to a personal decision to accept the rewiring of others, or to attempt your own version, but make no mistake, that wiring can be altered throughout life all the way to the point where the brain no longer functions. Either we take personal responsibility for our own wiring, or we accept what is placed before us and let “others” do it for us. It is never too late to examine your wiring and see if it could use a little “tweaking,” or even possibly a total overhaul (waking up,) as long as your mind is functioning ... IF you have the desire. Life IS a decision.

      The construction and functions of the sections of the mind, the many ways that the four individual sections of the mind intercommunicate, and all of the methods some have devised to “rewire” (control) the rest -are very important concepts for the reader to grasp. The Trivium, if learned/applied/passed on, is the way for humanity to eventually balance the four sections and keep them in sync, and eventually get out of our collective quagmire. It revealed itself thousands of years ago because it is a natural function of a balanced mind, but was buried because it was a threat to those that desired control. It is now trying to reveal itself again, for it is time, and “no force can stop an idea (truth/reality) whose time has come”(Victor Hugo-paraphrased.) An individual grasp of the Trivium and written history, and HERstory, is essential, a full Synthesis of the Thesis and Antithesis for the ultimate answer - HOW. No amount of “governmente control” or “religious or scientific consensus” can ever solve our collective problem. This in essence CREATED the problem (remember what Einstein said about mindset and problems) and we must change our mindset to fix the problem. It is INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBLILTY and PERSONAL CHOICE that creates our collective realty, or relinquishes that control to others, and thus creates the problem of collective insanity we are currently facing by leaving psychopathic narcissistic insane control freaks in charge.

      This brings into play the 5th portion of the mind that the scientists do not recognize. This is the "guts.” The guts have cells just like the brain cells but they are distributed throughout and not in a recognizable and definitive mass. This acts as another portion of the brain and is no less important than the rest. This is the portion of the brain that controls the diaphragm and controls breathing, and controls the digestive system, releases enzymes and hormones, and absorbs nutrients as needed. The majority of what is referred to as your “immune system” resides in and is controlled and activated by the gut, with little or no control or input from the other four sections. This section of the brain also governs emotions and courage, but those are largely submissive to the programming of the other four sections. Men follow their "gut" instincts and they draw their courage from their “guts,” but these are clouded and controlled by the indoctrinations and manipulations of the rest of the mind. Humans often experience “gut wrenching” emotions that the rest of the mind has trouble dealing with. The brain reacts to but ultimately controls the guts by choices made, and personal choice lies in the control of the balance of the 5, which gives courage and conviction to the choices made. First comes the guts to see that there is a problem and then to have the guts to make the personal choice to define and work towards solving the problem. This is where being a Mental Martial Artist is necessary.

      It would seem that from the beginning, the only urge for invention was to kill, for not much came from the early inventive and creative sides of humanity but the sword and shield and other implements of death, and illustrations of the wars they fought. Even the earliest samples of man’s creativity in art were abstractions of hunts and killing. It seems like Creativity was a little slow in development, and abstract thinking was severely delayed, by the basic need for survival.

Knowledge did grow, despite the efforts of those in control to hold it back. Things were invented, language blossomed, and poets dreamed. Mathematics and science began defining, accounting, measuring, and analyzing everything. Abstract thoughts, creativity, and art raised their beautiful heads and mankind flourished. But there were continual major setbacks due to the wars he fought and the inherent limitations of the basic definitions man started from, all under the spell of the Wizard in quests for more power.

      Before abstract thought finally arrived amongst the masses, the majority of thought was survival related, on a personal, monarch, or Wizard level, it did not matter. The more people that inhabited the earth and the more that thoughts were generated by them and exchanged between them, the more the common knowledge base grew, and this made all the more sure the eventual arrival of abstract thought.

      Abstract thought begat philosophy and higher mathematics. Philosophy developed ways to analyze and categorize thought, and the Trivium was born (or rather discovered and defined, for it is a natural and logical progression of analytical thought that exists naturally in a balanced mind.) Almost immediately She recognized the threat, and inflicted Her influence on the Trivium, and thus controlled the outcome. The Trivium was very quickly recognized as a major threat to control over the masses, and was soon very severely sequestered, along with any other knowledge She deemed a threat to Her plan. The Trivium gave the masses wisdom to see Her lies, and this could not be good for business. She buried the Trivium Method and supplanted it with the Classic Trivium so She could maintain control, and She progressed with the full implementation of Her word magic over the mass mind.

      Higher mathematics developed into the Quadrivium and begat science. This She allowed uninfluenced, for She knew the value of resources, and the resource in thoughts, and these She could harvest. She knew this was already a dominant left brain locked in linear process mode and She could easily manipulate this form of wiring and harvest the valuable discoveries.

      Together, The Trivium and Quadrivium defined a method for humans to efficiently process critical and abstract thoughts and share them very efficiently, and this one breakthrough could possibly enable the knowledge base to very quickly close the gap with the population density. Then, hopefully, man would advance from this war state he had existed in from the beginning, if left alone from the influence of the Wizards, but we know this is not what happened.

Because philosophy did not have the Trivium intact, and was in actuality guided by some out of order sense of it installed by Her, it began to concentrate on its defining of “governmente” and the way to efficiently manage the resources and activities that sustained life, and “civilization.” Remember in Chapter 1 when I touched on "civilization" and Thomas Jefferson's observations?

“civilization” (n) "law which makes a criminal process civil" Sense of "civilized condition", an opposite to barbarity

 and a distinct word from civility. [from Online Etymology Dictionary @]

      In other words, civilization is a state (condition of mind) where the use of force against another (a criminal process- barbarity) can be justified by law (and negatively defined as the opposite of barbarity), and has no relation to “civility” -Latin civitatem (nominative civitas) “the art of governing (controlling) courteousness relating to public life, befitting a citizen (inhabitant of a city) to be popular, affable, and courteous.”[ibid] Remember Aristotle told us to define things in the positive of what they are and not the negative of what they are not.

      In summary, “civilization” is the ability of “governmente” (mind control of the masses)to have the self defined “legal right” to not act civil, towards the civilians (you know - lower life forms,) through the application of “law,” and then negatively define its actions and criminal process as the opposite of barbaric. Therefore, “Barbaric” is only such because it has not created “law” and set it upon paper, to justify itself and give itself "permission" and "rights" to do so. Isn't "AUTHORITY" grand?

      Side note: I will always be referring to the etymology of words in order to gain their true meaning to understand a concept or to illustrate a point. This is a function of the Trivium and basic Grammar and cannot be avoided, and in summary is the purpose of this work. If I had not illustrated the definition of the word “civilization” above, when you read it in the previous paragraph, your internal conditioned Pavlovian reaction would have been, “civilization – this is good for humanity,” but now that you have seen the definition and its analysis, can you say you feel the same? Can you see the “word magic” that I have just demonstrated? Do you see why Thomas Jefferson referred to existing “in a state of civilization" and why it is an impossibility to remain ignorant and free in that state? Ignorance is a condition of that state, and freedom is the antithesis of that state, and there can NEVER be a synthesis of ignorance and freedom for freedom can NEVER exist in a state of ignorance, or civilization.

      It is of utmost importance to define and redefine every word in a critical and analytical method, the Trivium. This could be a dangerous path to tread, for She has booby trapped it with mental land mines and linguistic programming filters (like “civilization”) but it is a very important part of the whole for true knowledge and understanding. She knows that this study is the one path to the knowledge, so She has muddied the waters. My opinion is that we can never know what we are saying or reading till we know and truly “understand” the words, and that a thorough research is necessary due diligence for the completion of that goal. When you research the etymology of a word, read as many opinions/ sources as you can find and take the 3 closest together in meaning, and go from there. Sometimes you have to rely on pure instinct and gut reaction and take the one different definition from the rest, just because it makes more common sense in the muddy waters you tread. There are many ignorant fools that have degrees of indoctrination from various institutes of mal-education that will muddy the waters in Her behalf, and have very successfully done so. They are infected with their version of “knowledge,” from a point of view controlled by their professors, and books and articles that they have read, and have accepted as and are willing to project as “truth.” This is a simple prostitution of their “sheep skin,” and they do so cheerfully in exponential proportions. I recommend you look up every word you have doubt of, in a good OLD dictionary, and also in an etymological dictionary..... INCLUDING the ones you “know” the definition of. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY FOR THE TIMES WE ARE IN.

Side side note: I do NOT use Google, for the results have the very real and documented possibility of being tainted or filtered. It is after all, a tool and function of Her reality. I use and get good results that are useful for my purposes, and to my knowledge, are unfiltered, untracked, and unrecorded, and there are many search engines that offer this anonymity and uncluttered result...other than Google. Reality is what it has been manipulated to be defined as, and we must take personal responsibility to find the truth and paths around the obstructions, and use personal responsibility as a motivation to do so. We must research the definitions to see how we have been manipulated, and those facts will be like breadcrumbs on the trail to follow back to where we started, before She started changing the definitions and thus took control of our reality.

OK, now I have re-visionedthe definition of the word “civilization,” I feel a need to digress a little from our story and delve into this subject just a little deeper here.

      She took the word “barbaric” and defined it as something bad, and programmed an emotional reaction to it of disgust and un-natural behavior. She took the word “civilization” and made it the opposite in meaning of the word “barbaric” but in reality, civilization is “legalized” barbarism by definition. It is not barbaric if you give yourself permission on paper BEFOREHAND! She took a “bad” word and created a good connotation or frame of reference for it, and used this twisted circular logic to justify Her inhumane criminal process of “barbaric” uncivilized treatment of the rest, and in doing so, conditioned the rest of us to have a positive and warm fuzzy feeling when we hear "civilization." This is one thread of dot connecting reality that will appear continuously in this work. The continual illustration of words you just "know" the definitions of and the emotional Pavlovian responses that have been programmed into these "definitions" by Her. This is Grammatical work that must be done in order to move on to the Logical and finally the Rhetorical analysis of this whole picture.

      Here is where She sends us into circular thinking, but the circular logic becomes much more twisted yet! Circular logic is the sum of the footprints She has left on our collective memory and thought processes, and it is the boot print She has left on man’s collective neck.

      The word barbarian actually came from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning someone that spoke a language that you could not understand - a foreigner. Their words sounded like “bar bar bar” to someone unfamiliar with their language, and so the name stuck and was used for centuries. The Romans took the word and redefined it to mean “anyone not Roman.” These were usually free men seeking trade or nomadic people moving about, not necessarily the blood sucking "barbarians" the word illustrates today.

      The Goths, and Huns were not “barbaric” on any scale but Hers. They were just nomadic people whose paths crossed Rome’s because of geography, but because they were freemen not under Roman control and able to skillfully fight back against attempted assimilation, they had to be demonized in the minds of the people, to justify Her existence. Population density was growing quickly, and available lands became the wealth and strength of any people. Nomadic people were running into other nomadic people, and entrenched farmers - and all were enraged by Rome and Her actions of dictatorial dominance. Since She has had control over history for so long, and has tainted it so, I have to wonder about the stories about how violent and savage these peoples really were. She has had complete control of the records for so long that any "history" that is taught is subject to question. We can be sure of nothing that happened in the past. Due diligence and listening to the 5th unspoken of portion of the brain ... the gut ... is the order of the day. Follow your gut instincts and your gut intuition. Courage and cowardice both reside in the gut and it is up to you which one you feed by your attention and intention.

      The “Vandals” and the “Goths” were amazingly refined and cultural peoples that had very refined art, but since they would not submit to Rome, were demonized, and to this day they are defined as “barbaric,” and their names are used to emotionally define something quite undesirable. She took an innocent word, barbaric and made it a “bad” word, then used it to justify Her actions! She took the names ofpeoples that had organized and refined their interactions, and their art, and related to nature and Natural Law on an instinctual and intelligent basis(as I stated before, this should be construed as the most accurate definition of “civilization” as a desired state,) and by manipulations of the definitions, made their very names into evil acts and personalities to this day.

      A vandal is described today as “a willful or ignorant destroyer of anything beautiful, venerable, or worthy of preservation.” In reality, the Vandals were a peaceful Germanic farming people that were pushed off their lands by the Huns (displaced and scattered nomads fighting against everything Roman and searching for wealth after the death of Attila, who had united many separate tribes into one in his own idea of "civilization,") then off their new Spanish lands by the Goths (another nomadic people that had been displaced, scattered, and angered by Roman deeds,) then eventually settling in North Africa. A “goth” today is something un-natural and demonic, and having a dispossession of all things “civilized,” and is a most undesirable state of being. Some teen agers today dress in goth clothing as a show of their distaste for the “system,” but if these teens had been taught the Trivium in their early years, they would have the ability to put their distaste into words and begin to contribute to making changes, rather than trying to shock the rest of us.

How She manipulates our thoughts through defining the words we use! This is all quite reminiscent of Pavlov and his programmed dogs that salivated at the sound of a bell (Pavlovian Response.) What is that you say? “Woof?” Good dog!

In 429 AD, an 80,000 strong Germanic farming community of displaced (again and again) Vandals, crossed the Gibraltar Straights, and, as “history” goes, fought their way across Northern Africa, eventually settling in their “promised land” - Carthage. The Vandals sacking of Carthage was a disastrous blow to Rome, and the flow of commerce and Roman dominance, and would eventually lead to Rome’s fall in just a few decades. How ironic that a group of peaceful farmers, desiring nothing but to be left alone, forced to move, then to move again, as direct results of Rome’s actions, would end up being one of the main factors in the “fall of Rome.”

      The sacking of Carthage was amazingly easy, because it was done on October 19th, while the Romans were distracted by the feasts, games and chariot races, (bread and circus of Rome’s control paradigm) and had no attention to “barbarians.” The original 80,000 had grown in multiples by picking up local "fellow despisers of Rome" along the way. They did not destroy and "vandalize" as they crossed North Africa, but rather united and organized. This is a researchable and provable HERstorical fact that contradicts the indoctrinated history we were taught directly, and I will be presenting many more as we journey on through time.

      They took Carthage easily and held it peacefully for a hundred years, until they were attacked and conquered by others. History writes of the Vandals destruction across Africa, but their art tells a much different story. HERstory writes that they built great villas with amazing mosaic art throughout, and created the most exquisite jewelry. Their “destructive” (to Rome) battles across Africa, is really the assembly and organization of, a “civilization” of Rome’s enemies (my definition of civilization 6 paragraphs back – peoples that had organized and refined their interactions, and their art, and related to nature and Natural Law on an instinctual (feminine) and intelligent (masculine) basis(balanced) - not the “accepted indoctrinated” one.) Their actions were detrimental to Rome so She has used Her control of words and history and recorded them and their very names as barbaric and destructive, for manipulation into a Pavlovian response in us.

      If you say the words “The Huns,” indoctrinated impulses make you shudder and cringe (as in Pavlov’s dogs?) for these were “the most barbaric of all and ate the flesh of children.” Most of this myth has been flamed by the Catholic Church and is not really accurate in HERstory. One thing that was left behind for examination today, something that disputes this analysis of “The Barbaric Huns,” is their art. Such elegant and beautiful jewelry and art with reverence and respect for Nature, could not have been done by a “savage people that killed everyone and ate children’s flesh.” Judging by their art, and their nomadic tribal lifestyle, the Huns had one major weakness, and that was a lust for gold, and so did She and the entire Roman world. This fact alone made the Huns a competitive foe to be vanquished for all times. The Huns were not miners, they were nomads, and the main source for the gold they loved, was from Rome herself. The Huns were very efficient fighters, and had no respect for Rome and her Un-natural and domineering dictatorial freedom stealing ways, and they stole much from Rome, eventually contributing greatly to Rome's “fall,” and a major thorn in Her side. No wonder the term is still demonized to this day.

      What is it about “gold” that has made it such a dominant force in the history and the HERstory of our records from the beginning? More on that subject will be revealed in this story as we progress. This is the “Golden Thread” that is woven throughout and binds the history and the HERstory, and needs much investigation into, but I believe it was impulses implanted in men by the Wizards as a means of control.

      Of all those that She demonized through history, Attila the Hun is the most demonized of them all. Actually, he spoke 8 languages by the age of fifteen, and by the time he came to rule, the Huns had developed a very complex system of politics that in fact had united a “barbarian” union of many various tribes that actually rivaled Rome. They were only “barbaric” in the sense of the word that they were “not Roman.” When Attila died, the varied nations drifted apart rather quickly, each seeking survival in this reality that Rome had created, attacking all that had comprised “Rome,” and the Huns became a demonized footnote in history. Again, most of the stories of Attila’s viciousness came from the Roman Church, hundreds of years after the fact, and should be called into question.

      All of these “barbaric” people that fought against all that is Rome, are very important parts of HERstory, and especially in defining and giving illustration to the way that words and the historical records have been manipulated through time, and especially during the Dark Ages, when She had complete control.

      I was not there and neither were you, and the only things we have to make a personal judgment call is the biased historical written records- controlled by Her and Her scribes for centuries if not millennia ... and the art these people left behind; and common sense. People depict their lives in their art, and there is beauty and life in their art, not conquering and death and “barbaric” behavior. They were peoples tied to nature and their art is dominated by exquisite animal images showing a deep respect. The eagle and the wolf were two of their favorite to portray, because of their respect for their power and cunning. Bulls were often represented for strength and rams and sheep for representations of life, as would have been the case for nomadic peoples that domesticated and tended sheep for sustenance and used their wool to defend themselves from the cold. Rome's only "art" was that which it pilfered and plagiarized from those that it conquered, and if honestly analyzed, most of the demonic imagery and the illustrations of death and destruction blamed on these “barbaric” peoples, are products of religion and "civilization" created as “evidence” of their barbarity centuries later.

      Let’s go on with a little “re-visualization” of a few words while we are in that mode.

      Look up “apocalypse.” If you hear that word in general conversation, you get chills up your spine because it is such a bad thing that you know you want no part of because it is the “end of the world.” If you look up the definition it is translated literally from Greek and “is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation” (Wikipedia.) She took a positive word and made it VERY dark and negative in your mind. It is manipulated by Her to mean the “end of the world,” because it will be the end of Her world ... and the freedom of ours. The last thing She wants is an apocalypse. She would hate to have the curtain pulled back for all in the theatre to see Her, so She manipulates the meanings of and our reactions to “words” for Her purpose. “All the world is a stage and we are only actors upon it – and She is the stage master. It is time for us to write a new script.

      Look up “anarchy.” If we hear that word it invokes visions of lawless nomads raging through “civilization” and “vandalizing” everything. The word actually means “an” Latin prefix for “without” and “archon” meaning “ruler,” so anarchy simply means “without ruler” or a free man. For someone with intent to rule all, an anarchist is someone outside of their control and someone to truly fear. The concept of “governmente” is graphed with Totalitarianism at one end of the scale and Anarchy at the other, with Democracy somewhere in the middle. This is a correct graph for anarchy is the absence of governmente, but it takes a moral and mentally balanced people to live in such a state, and that is The One Great Work ahead of us today.

      Look up “authority.”  The word authority is derived from the Latin word auctoritas, meaning “invention, advice, opinion, influence, or command.” (Wikipedia.) A creator of a story is an author. So, in reality, SHE gave HERSELF the power to invent, to author, what She wanted and then to advise, influence, and command the rest of us to fall in line, or pay the consequences by Her dictatorial rule.

“The mortalist enemy unto knowledge,

and that which hath done the greatest execution unto truth,

has been a preemptory adhesion unto authority.”

Sir Thomas Browne

      It is all word magic and Neuro Linguistic Programming of Pavlovian Responses, and that is a main concept that will be pursued in this work. I will try to show that learning, understanding, and applying the Trivium, with a good dose of personal responsibility and a courageous and honed gut instinct in full balance with the rest of the mind, is the answer to the collective problems of mankind. Remember Einstein and mindset. The sooner we all realize that we have been mal-educated, the sooner we can begin reeducate ourselves and to re-view our destiny.

      So let’s review ... civilization is legal barbarity as defined by authority - and authority is invented concepts advised, influenced or commanded on others.

      Don’t call me a Madman! I am only pointing out the madness of Her world that has been created and drawn across our minds ... and Her boot print on our necks.

“This is not a world that will be, but rather of one that can be.

This is not a new world, this is simply and extension of what began in the old one.

It is patterned after every dictator that has ever imprinted

the written boot on the pages of history, since the beginning of time.

It has refinements, technological advancements,

and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.

But like every dictatorship before it, it has one iron clad rule,

‘Logic is an enemy, and truth is a menace’

Rod Sterling- Twilight Zone “Obsolete Man” 1961

(Search for it on YouTube- it is well worth the time)

"During times of universal deceit,

Telling the truth can be a revolutionary act."

Geroge Orwell "1984"

      Circular logic is Her footprint (boot print) into our collective reality. This is the Antithesis of Natural Law, and is Her modus operandi. Force used against another, in any form, is a despicable action; a "foreign” notion to Natural Law; a criminal process. It is "bar-bar-barbaric," and this is what She justifies through Her manipulations and word magic. We must study and understand Natural Law (defined as the Sacred Feminine based non aggression principal balanced with the Sacred Masculine based defense of the defenseless principal - this will be explored in detail as we go through this work.) This is so that we can subject this Antithesis against the Thesis She has presented {indoctrinated} us with, to obtain a viable Synthesis and a sustainable version of "REALITY" that we can live with and feel proud to pass on. Remember what Sam Adams said, "It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation if we suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men," the sophisticated Sophists ... the Wizards. But first we must apply Grammar and then Logically analyze the sum for a revelation of the logical fallacies and elimination of the cognitive dissonance and the circular logic. "Logic is an enemy." It sure is if your desired outcome is total control of everything; and it is also a weapon. Learn how to “blunt its edge or to fling it back.”

      Natural Law is the law as it exists outside of man’s mind. “Law” created by man is generally un-Natural, and self serving to those that gave themselves the "authority" to do so, as I have illustrated through the analysis of the definitions that we have gone through to this point (there will be MUCH more so get buckled up into this mode of analysis now - the Trivium is a way of life and constant focus to master reality.)

Truth is a menace and a revolutionary act ... it is combative for it is at war with lies.

We must be constantly dissuaded into only seeing the Thesis, as it has been presented to us, and into avoiding Analysis and thus developing the Antithesis (only “conspiracy theorists” and “madmen” do this,) and heaven forbid we delve into the Synthesis!! TOTAL INSANITY!!!! This could only result in an..... APOCALYPSE!!!

      Circular logic is her trademark and words are Her weapons to keep us forever going in circles in the Thesis She has provided and defined for us.

      A Firm grasp of the Trivium, and application of personal responsibility for knowledge by analysis of definitions, will reveal a lot of how we have been manipulated, and that is the final sum of the Trivium if applied correctly …”HOW”? ... and this is the ultimate and only solution. This is through application of Grammar to its final sum, then analyzing that sum through Logic, and finally to summarize all with Rhetoric by way of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. It is a way of life. Liberty is in the words. Mental Martial Arts is the salvation of Liberty.

      By fully eliminating the circular logic, cognitive dissonance, and logical fallacies from our collective mind through Logic and Rhetoric (in that order,) after due diligent study of the Grammar (definitions, etymology and all,) and just flat out paying attention, and doing our homework, (PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY) the ultimate answer to the ultimate question of “How” can be answered on a personal level, for a release of humanity from the bonds of Her manipulations.

                 If each one of us takes this personal responsibility, I can guarantee, without a doubt, that this would be a much    

          different world than we are experiencing today. We each, individually, CAN make a difference ... but the hardest is 

          that first step ... to even doubt “reality” for a moment and to even conceptualize the fact that most of what

          you “know” is poppycock!!!!! ... PUREMADNESS!!!!!

      Remember it is a cognitive dissonance that will not allow one to take in new ideas because they conflict with the existing accepted ideas. It is The One Great Work to eliminate this cognitive dissonance and the Trivium is the tool. It is our responsibility to define the cognitive dissonance and make sure that not only is the next generation taught to recognize and avoid it, but that it is never installed in them by others from the moment of their birth.

      So then, it would seem that philosophy (love of knowledge) had morphed - from a high brow, honest analysis of the human condition, based in analytical thoughts and investigations into “Natural Functions” of the mind ... into "governmente and law," and “justification, authorization, and legalization” of inhumane practices and criminal processes. This is insanity and barbarity (foreign to "humanity" - "bar- bar- barbaric") on the most basic definitive levels, but somehow we have accepted the "bar-bar- bar" as making sense and have been brainwashed into believing that nonsense. We not only believe it, but have preprogrammed Pavlovian responses to the "bar- bar- bar" white noise from Her.

      These are just more of Her footprints (boot prints) into humanity’s collective reality. They are also the breadcrumbs to follow back down the path to where we started, to the Trivium, where three paths meet, so that we can choose our rightful path and we can begin again, under our own controls. This is the purpose of HERstory: to seek out the breadcrumbs and point them out so that we can retrace our steps through history under a new light. So back to the story:

On the other side of the coin from governmente” (for this is a duality world) is – “Religion” (from Greek root- ligare, verb; “to bind/ to stop forward progress”; the suffix “re” means to do again "religare" -more on this later) was born as man asked the natural instinctive questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

Some claimed “divine inspiration of ‘knowledge’(injections of the Wizards’ words, spells, incantations, and parables), and others followed blindly as their right brain feminine functions were deliberately wired to left brain processes. Kingdoms would adopt certain religious ideals and would then war against other kingdoms that did not believe the same.

      Governmente had supplied its own inventiveness to answer “Why” through a left brain linear thought process of brute force and quick mind through "authority," and now we have the right brained feminine logic processes, combined with compassion and empathy, all co-opted for manipulation ... to answer to these most basic of questions of humanity and bind them in the process.

      She had invented a new reason for war from something spiritual, and many, many, many, many more wars and death and population reductions ensued, for these are Her ultimate goals. She understood the power of division that religious doctrine held upon the masses, and the availability of its use for the purpose of division, and She was “the authority” in control.

      I have pursued instinctively and diligently, the “'Knowledge’ of Natural inspiration,” instead of accepting Her definition of “divine inspiration of ‘knowledge.’" Any “divine inspiration” is but the opinions of others unless that divinity personally reveals them self to you and provides a personalized answer.

It is time to turn Her wickedness upon Herself and flip Her circular logic for use as a weapon, as a Kung Fu master would use his opponent's mass and momentum against their self.

“Now and then, if you take a popular advertising or PR slogan and turn it backwards, you get something more interesting. Remember GE's "Progress is our most important product?"

Try "Product is our most important progress.”

Or "There's no I in team" becomes "There's no team in I."

More esoteric? If you have a little surrealism in your blood, you can do a Zen koan with

"Think outside the box," making it, "Box outside the think."

From Jon Rappoport -Propaganda mind control: turning truth backwards-September 25, 2013

      Look at the other side of the coin. “Box outside the (pre-installed) think.” It is time to put on your gloves and step into the ring… are you ready to box (debate?) Is your Grammar impeccable and your Logic (dialectic) complete? Are you ready to challenge the current “Champ” (Her) with Rhetoric administered with Logos, Pathos, and Ethos? This is not a physical challenge, but a mental one….have you trained? Have I challenged your realty yet? Are you ready to just throw your towel to Her side and give up the fight before the bell rings? Did you ever consider that there is another side to the stories you have been “taught?” Do you "own both sides of the coin?” Do you even care? Remember Samuel Adam's words: "It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation if we suffer them (freedoms) to be wrested from us ...” It is time to redefine civilization as "peoples that had organized and related to nature and Natural Law on an instinctual and intelligent basis." This is our reality and we are the creators. It is time for you to decide if you will have personal input, or allow others that power over you. Remember the Iroquois’ lesson of “Take thought of seven generations with every step you take.”

      OK- so this is all a “comical condensation” and an “illogical illusion of semantics” as defined by “normal common thought” (as defined by Her,) but it is meant to tweak your mind into action and to make you question ... “What is REALITY?”

      The concepts of the ideas presented are the important things to retain and consider, (for ultimately it IS a personal choice.) This is the way I see that things happened, and the way things “exist,” although very animated and simplified, but none the less illustrative. It is just a story, but it is a story of the manipulation of the words and our responses to them, leading to an ultimate defined end. What I am tasking myself to project with this whole work is how the progression of the things I have stated in this chapter relates to NOW, and how the golden thread is woven throughout history and connects the dots, and the preceding story lays the foundations and creates characters and concepts for the rest.

      No one knows the origination and definition of the Trivium and the Quadrivium, or exactly when and where they were sequestered from the masses, because they are a reality based “Natural” balanced analysis of the facts. No one is sure but credit is commonly given to Aristotle and Pythagoras for the origination and organization of the definition, basically passed on from their study in the Egyptian Mystery Schools. The “Trivium” by definition from the original Greek, is the place where three roads meet, and the “Quadrivium” is where four roads meet, but none can dispute that its mastery produces the “Sum of Natural Knowledge” and it is the way the balanced mind functions. It is said to have been re-defined in the 18th century into the Classic Trivium, after these fine men’s ability to defend their thoughts had passed, but it was probably long before then, and in fact done during the Dark Ages.

      This could be and is speculated by many to be, a major component of the “hidden knowledge” that secret societies hold secret, and different factions have different versions. The lie is different on every level. There may be just a very few Wizards that know the whole, and continue to act in their non-empathetic psychopathic narcissistic minds for continuation of their control of all, and a perpetual prodding of the “reality” She wishes to inflict upon the rest of us.

      The Egyptian’s are credited with using the Trivium. But no one really knows. Many of the ancient European thinkers and scholars went to the “Egyptian Mystery Schools” for a few years before returning to Europe to teach and maybe it was passed on there. Because the Trivium was so successfully hidden, no one that is speaking really knows either the true origination or history of it outside of the documentation that proves Aristotle defined it and Pythagoras employed it. Few knew its true power of control for manipulating the collective human wiring, through knowledge of how the human mind is built and how it functions. This knowledge was kept close to the vest by those that possessed it for She had a choice; either keep it for Herself and use it maliciously against those that did not have the knowledge; or use it for the benefit of all of humanity and end war and strife forever, by giving it freely so that all were balanced and could actually think…..guess which way She went.

      All of the preceding actually transpired and I’ll admit that it is very primitively animated and presented in an elementary style, but be patient dear reader, this is just a story and those elementary concepts had to be presented and considered, and you had to gain a "feel" for the use of the Trivium, before we begin our re-vision of history and a continuation of the story, for these concepts shine a new light on everything and a new angle from which to perceive.

Coldhearted orb that rules the night,

steals the colors from our sight,

red is grey and yellow white,

but we decide which is right.

and which Is an illusion.

Moody Blues –Days of Future Passed

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