The Illusion's Apocalypse

by The Practical Madman aka Laurent J. Noel


     To my wife, The Lovely Nut, who gave me my moniker on our third date or so when she witnessed me tackle a project the way I usually do, with full concentration and abandon, in high gear, and she told me "You are definitely a madman, but at least you are a practical madman."  Close personal friends in my life had previously called me "Wild Man" - mostly because of my distrust of "The System," my many "party" stories (I always believed in playing hard and "pushing the envelope" so to speak, as well as working hard,) my abundant repertoire of relevant jokes, quotes, and trivia to throw into the conversation, and my animated cynical rants of distrust of all things "authoritative."  My chosen moniker on the net until this time was "Nature Lover," because I was not really a Wild Man, but rather I did take time to smell the roses and think about the color of the sky (and I always had a strange attraction to blue flowers); so this new identity was in actuality a redefinition and assembly of the two, so aptly defined by this intuitive intelligent lady.

     I felt honored to have been seen in such a light by such a brilliant lady and adopted the name as my own.  She is a wordsmith and I have deep respect for her knowledge and intuition, and I accepted her diagnosis of my state as she so defined it.  We have been together 12 years now and she really married me, and she has not killed me nor left me (I consider those to be good signs) for I have truly (unintentionally) driven her mad as I relied on her heavily as my sounding board in my relentless quest to answer the questions that were like splinters in my mind and unable to be ignored - and she always gave me challenges that made me go back to work.

     I will eternally apologize for my exposing her to my ranting and musing for these last 8+ years that I have been on "my quest," and for inflicting her in the role of being my "sounding board," and I will be eternally grateful for her support in every dimension, her patience in allowing me to pursue and sort through my madness, her constant challenging of any idea I presented to her, but most of all for her faithful love.  Her challenges had the effect of spurring me on to dig deeper and deeper into what exactly is the insanity that is this world.  This work is the sum of my Madness relative to the insanity around me, and my personal search for a Practical analysis and solution, and is therefore dedicated to her, for her support and understanding, but most of all for loving a Madman.  She is the perfect yin to my yang.

Copyright for invention and content Laurent J. Noel


Written and published by Laurent J. Noel